Explore the Temple of the Sun & Moon and Glass Mountain

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Two impressive monoliths and glass mountain!

The temple of the sun and moon are accessed from Cathedral Rd. in Capitol Reef National Park, the road is a 4x4 high clearance vehical road. Upon arriving at the Temples which are called “monoliths”, the giant rocks protrude from the earth, and are something like a fine piece of art. This is a popular spot for photography that only about 10% of park visitors access.

Just to the right of the monoliths is the most interesting thing of all, we saw a sign for what was called “glass mountain.” And let me tell you glass mountain is pretty neat. It’s an exposed small mountain of selenite crystals. The crystals were formed from Gypsum that is found in the area. Groundwater flowed through the sandstone to create this glorious mountain, according to the park service. There are signs listed to not collect anything from the mountain. However you can sit on top of glass mountain if your heart so desires. 

There wasn't a "designated" hiking trail from what we could see, but you are free to roam the valley and admire. 



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