Hike the Devils Garden and Primitive Trail


    Added by Kristen May

    Photogenic, Great for wildlife viewing, many arches to be seen, and not to mention a really fun hike!

    Start at the Landscape Arch trail head just off the parking lot for the Devils Garden, follow that until you reach the landscape arch. From the landscape arch switch onto the Primitive Trail, where the trail begins to be all sand and rocks with no more paved trails.

    This trail has many optional side trails to many of the arches you will see on the trail, we chose to see them all and it was well worth the time and effort.

    The first option you will see just .25 miles from the landscape arch are the trails to the Partitian Arch and the Navajo arch, take that trail to see those arches then head back to the main trail.

    Continue along the main trail to get to the Double O Arch. After viewing the Double O Arch continue back to the main trail and continue walking on it for .4 miles until you arrive at the side trail for the Dark Angel. The Dark Angel is not an arch, but is well worth the extra little hike to see it.

    After viewing the Dark Angel, head back to the Primitive Trail and follow it until you reach the Private Arch side trail, take that trail if you desire to see this arch.

    After viewing the Private Arch and heading back to the Primitive Trail, follow that trail for the remaining 1.5 Miles of the trail until you reach back up at the Landscape arch.

    From experience this 1.5 mile stretch was the hardest part of the hike, be prepared to navigate up and around rocks, spend the majority of it on hot sand and not have many shaded areas for rest.

    From the landscape arch it's just one mile until the parking area and the trail head.

    This trail head has both bathrooms and water fountains so take advantage of both of those before starting the hike.

    All in all the trail is 7.2 miles and takes an average of 3 hours.

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    ūü•áTop Contributor

    almost 5 years ago

    This is one of my favorite runs in Arches NP; lots of varied terrain and great views. You'll see a number of people closer to the TH but it usually thins out the further you get.

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