Take a Dip in the Meadow Hot Springs

Meadow Hot Springs - Search Nearby - Added by Eric Bennett

There are 3 warm pools to soak in and it is open all night...hopefully with little to no crowds.

These hot springs are located on private property but the owner allows anyone to come and take a dip. You can camp overnight and also have fires in the several pits near the pools. He just asks all the visitors to keep it cleaner than they found it and Leave No Trace of course. There are 3 different pools, but the first one is said to be the warmest. They are super deep and the water is very clear. Bring some glow-sticks or lights to swim to the bottom if you want (but never leave anything behind), it is also cool to scuba dive here if you have the gear.

Take the Meadow exit 158 just south of Filmore on I-15. Turn left at the stop sign and go under the freeway, passing a Shell station on the right heading south. Keep going until you pass the last buildings on the left. Shortly after passing the buildings on the left, you will see a well maintained dirt road on the right. You will cross a bridge over the freeway and continue straight on the same road until you reach the fence just about 100 meters in front of the first pool.


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Gorgeous, uncrowded, unique springs

The springs were uncrowded and clean when we went. Very cool unique springs due to their depth. Perfect temperature for spending a long time swimming in. The only trash we found was old glow sticks at the bottom which we retrieved and threw away.

Go at the right time with the right attitude and its worth it

Yes it is crowded on weekends, of course look at this place its awesome. All you have to do is either go in the winter or go on a weekday at sunrise. Sure people can be disrespectful and leave trash but when we went we spent about 15 min picking up all the trash and left it the best we could.

Used To Be A Hidden Gem, Now Overcrowded

This place used to be a wonderful spot for locals, and the few passer bys that heard it through word of mouth. Sadly because social media this place blew up, and now has too many disrespectful people. It has been ruined by trash and just plain too much traffic. Still a neat little hot pot area. Easy to get to, I guess is why it has gotten so beat up.