Camp and Explore at Meadow Lava Tubes

1 Miles Round Trip - Loop Trail

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Spend the night inside the caves of a 15,000 year old extinct volcano. 


The entrance to the Lava Tubes is located in a rock pit near the NW base of Tabernacle Hill. The trail is not marked very well, so you'll have to use your best exploring skills to find your way. Once you have entered the first cave follow it underground for about 100 ft until it leads you back to the surface. Continue SW for another 100 ft and you'll come up into rock pit, continue hiking and you'll find the entrance to the second cave. Follow it underground for about 130 ft and it will lead you to a boulder field. Traverse across the field for around 400 ft and you'll reach a wide ravine, follow it around and you'll come to the entrance of the 3rd cave. After entering you'll reach a point where the ceiling has collapsed then the last cave begins and goes only about 75 ft. before closing off. Return the ravine and follow the rock trail up and out the S end, continue south and you'll drop down into the main volcanic crater. Head back out of the crater and head north following the road back towards the parking area. To finish the adventure I'd recommend hiking to the top of tabernacle hill. Just follow the trail straight up from the parking area and you'll be rewarded with amazing views of the Black Rock Desert.


This is public land so feel free to camp any where you'd like near the lava tubes. I recommend camping inside the first cave since it will keep you out of the wind, plus you'll be able to say you camped inside a volcano. Two fire pits have been constructed at both ends of the cave that will fill the entire cavern with light, making for a incredible camp site.

side note: Meadow Hot Springs is only a few miles from here. I recommend going on a weekday at sunrise, you'll beat the crowd and see the sun come up over the Wasatch Mountain Range.


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1 Miles
Loop Trail

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Please don't have fires in lava tubes

Camping in the lava tubes is fine, but please don't have campfires in there. When we there recently, we saw numerous bats, spiders, and other creatures. These lava tubes are their homes, and fires in the lava tubes is like someone having a campfire in your home. It disturbs them, pollutes their air quality, changes the temperature of their home, and attracts people to leave trash (we saw a lot of trash near the fire pits on our recent trip). Not cool.

Fantastic And Kid Friendly!

I took my 5 yr old this last weekend to explore the lava tubes and we had a blast! The dirt road was a little washed out from some recent rains I'm guessing. You definitely need a truck or SUV for the drive up there. Bring a headlamp as some of the tubes are quite dark.

Awesome Adventure

We camped in one of the caves and hiked around for a while. There's more than meets the eye there so be sure to explore and don't forget a head lamp!