Hike Cockleroy Hill

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Added by Margo Schmiederer

A beautiful yet challenging hike on the outskirts of Edinburgh

This is a very memorable hike that cuts through open fields and has great views of Edinburgh and its surrounding area. The ascent up Cockleroy Hill is quite challenging as it is very steep, but you'll have sheep to keep you company as you make your way up (don't get too close to the sheep, however). You'll be hiking parallel to a fence that you'll want to follow as it leads to the top of the hill. The top of Cockleroy is more rocky and has beautiful wild flowers in the summer - this is from where you can see Edinburgh to the east. The descent is just as difficult as the ascent and it is somewhat easy to slip if one is not careful. 

The trail head is a 40 minute drive from downtown Edinburgh or can be reached by bus. If you take the bus, you'll have to get off and walk a little ways to reach the start of the hike.  You won't forget this one! 

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