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Wow, Awesome route! I wish I would have done this while I was in NZ. Spent a lot of time looking at those peaks from the lake.


I love this adventure! Great photos. We didnt make it as far as you, but I really love this river valley. What an awesome little red hut!! I wanted to stay there so bad!

Cant wait to do this!

Blissful photos!


Love this one!

Love it.

Great photos of a beautiful spot. Nice write up too!

Great write up!

Great write up! Killer photos! Love this route <3

Nice write up.

Nice write up. Looks like you stopped at Pt. 1760, known as the Low Peak of Bealey. The true Summit of Mt Bealey is what you called the unknown peak to the west, 1836 meters high.

Great Adventure

I cant wait for the snow to start falling in NZ. I am going to head up to Ollivier as soon as i get a chance. Beautiful photos!

Great post!

I love this hike! Great description and photos!


This definitely is on top of my to-do list while in NZ! I couldn't find a decent guidebook but I am thankful you have so much great information posted!

Beautiful Photos

I just moved to NZ. I can't wait to get up Mt Earnslaw. Beautiful photos on all your adventures! Im glad I found you on the Outbound! Your adventures are wonderful!

Great Adventures

I just moved to Queenstown NZ and boy am I glad I found you on here! I can't wait to get started!