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Shimoda launches the next evolution of the adventure camera bag.

If you love to take photos whenever you're out on an adventure, you've probably experienced the pain that comes with managing all of your gear in your pack. It can be difficult to find the balance of securely storing your equipment while maintaining the ability to whip out your camera at a moment's notice. The folks over at Shimoda feel your pain. They needed a better adventure camera bag, so they're making one. With adventure driving their design process and with explorers, storytellers and creators in mind, Shimoda is launching a series of bags that every adventure photographer needs to check out.

For adventure photographers who want to take every possible lens and accessory with them, the Explore 60 is your dream pack. It has enough space to satisfy even the most gear-obsessed photographer on the go, while maintaining flexibility with 15 liters of adjustable volume for the days you want to keep it light. 

The Explore 40 is the leaner and meaner little brother to the Explore 60. Stay fast and agile without sacrificing too much storage or accessibility to your essentials.

Shimoda packs have 3 key frame features.

  1. The torso height is adjustable, providing a custom fit for every photographer.
  2. They have an internal 6061 T6 Aluminum frame to comfortably distribute the load of heavy gear.
  3. The unique shoulder strap design helps balance weight across your chest.

These 3 features work together to minimize shoulder strap stress created from the heavy weights of your camera gear pulling your backpack downwards on your shoulders. The result is an exceptionally comfortable bag that conserves the energy of the user.

If your adventures take you around the globe, you're going to want a travel camera bag that can handle it. Lugging a heavy pack on your back through long days in airport terminals is not ideal. The Explore Carry-On Roller is the solution. It has all the same features that make the backpacks so great, but better suited for airport travel.

All the bags come equipped with modular core units for storage. They make adjusting your storage setup incredibly simple and easy. You won't be locked into one configuration...customize it to your gear and your adventure. 

Everyone wants in on the new Shimoda packs! Their Kickstarter blew past its goal of $30,000 (currently at over $120,000!) and it's the best deal you can get on these amazing packs. If you're in the market for a new photography pack, you have until December 16th to get your order in!

Published: December 6, 2017

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