Watch the Sunrise at Cadillac Ranch

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Witness epic sunrises across the Texas panhandle at this iconic landmark alongside Interstate-40.

Cadillac Ranch isn't actually a ranch but an art installation and sculpture that was installed in 1974 by a group called Ant Farm. The original installation consisted of ten cars buried into the ground and painted black to provide a fresh canvas for fellow travelers. However, over the years they've been grafitied so often that the paint coat is inches thick and you can see the remnants of the previous explorers before you.

While Cadillac Ranch can be visited any time day or night, there's something special about visiting it at sunrise. Not only will you most likely be the only person there, but the Texas panhandle creates some of the most epic sunrises. So set that alarm clock early and drive out to this awesome site- and don't forget to bring the spray paint!

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about 2 months ago

Sweet and simple!

Today we stopped at the world famous Cadillac Ranch. Created in 1974 by a local artist consisting of ten Cadillacs (1949-1963). It’s now an interactive artwork for graffiti(which is welcome and provided for free) and it was pretty neat!  you can spend 5 minutes here or 2 hours. It’s Free! Spray paint was even provided for free.


🥇Top Contributor

4 months ago

Very cool, but geez... the trash

Visited this piece of Americana art history at sundown, which really made for a fun time. Really disappointed by all the trash left behind though. Some day I will own a Cadillac and bury it lovingly in the yard too.

Great Experience!

We caught this at sunrise on a trip when our kids were teens. If you are into collecting experiences, especially offbeat artsy outdoors experiences, this is a must-have for your collection.

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