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An Amateur Dirtbag’s Guide to Exploring Zion in the Winter

By Emily Pennington / Destinations and activities

“I feel bad about Ben,” J.C. muttered as we tip-toed down the razor’s edge of Angels Landing. “He would have loved this.

Colombia is an Adventure Travel Paradise

By Kyle Frost / Destinations

Colombia probably brings to mind a couple of things. Cocaine, kidnapping, and Narcos being some of the most prevalent.

15 Hikes for the Best Views of Mt. Hood

By Rachel Davidson / Destinations and activities

You’ll recognize Mt. Hood as the imposing volcano looming over Portland in most paintings, photographs, or film of the city.

7 Bay Area Waterfalls You Should Explore This Spring

By Chaco Footwear / Destinations and activities

If you live near the San Francisco Bay Area, you may have noticed just a little bit of rain over the last few weeks. And by a little bit, we mean a whole lot.

Why Having a Baby Doesn't Mean the End of Adventure

By Anna Cohen / Lifestyle and family

When we found out that I was pregnant with our first child, my husband and I vowed that it would not mean the end of adventure for us.

A Beginner's Guide to Exploring Kauai

By Will Cebron / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

Kauai is a lush island paradise of immense canyons, powerful waterfalls, vast jungles and pristine beaches.

Why I Keep Going Back to the West Coast of Scotland

By Richard Smith / Destinations and activities

The weather plays a big part on spending time in Scotland. Whether it's the infamous Scottish winters, howling winds and driving rain. Or the midgies in the summer and indeed more rain.

10 Photos That Will Convince You to Visit Cape Kiwanda, Oregon

By Chris MacMurray / Destinations and activities

The Oregon coastline is arguably the most stunning portion of the Pacific that borders the mainland states.

Why You Shouldn't Pass Up on Those Roadside Lookouts

By Tanner Thompson / Lifestyle and activities

We often will just pass by those crowded road side lookouts on our way to our destinations, but if your not in a rush, stopping at these places can be very fun and rewarding.

Gather Stories, Not Photos

By Jonathon Reed / Lifestyle and activities

I stood on the edge of Canyon Junction Bridge in Zion National Park, surrounded by a small crowd of photographers.

Spotlight: Rab Equipment

By Kyle Frost / Lifestyle

Have you heard of Rab Equipment? If you’re in North America, maybe not. That's about to change.

How to Work a Summer Job in the Canadian Rockies

By Tara Stamnes / Destinations, how-to, and lifestyle

With the summer hiring season coming up soon, many people will be heading out to find seasonal employment destinations. Well, look no further: mountain dreams can come true in Banff National Park.

25 California Waterfalls You Need to Explore This Spring

By Hi-Tec USA / Destinations and activities

The winter California has needed for so long finally arrived this year. You can practically feel mother nature's sigh of relief as the rain and snow continue to pummel the state.

Why I'm Taking the Yellowstone Pledge

By Josh Packer / Destinations and lifestyle

What I love about Yellowstone are the memories I've enjoyed there.

Goblin Valley Shadows: Why This Small State Park in Utah Is Worth the Detour

By Natasha Smith / Destinations and activities

Driving through the relatively deserted planes between Arches National Park and Capitol Reef National Park, one might miss this unique little spot.

My Favorite Drive in the World

By Billy Bowling / Destinations and activities

I cant tell you where this love affair started. I can certainly telly you that it does have two end points though.

Why You Should Add Luang Prabang to Your Travel Bucket List

By Will Cebron / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

When people talk about visiting Southeast Asia, they usually focus on places like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, often neglecting Laos. I was definitely guilty.

Laguna Beach's Top 5 Trails for Hiking, Biking, and Running

By Visit Laguna Beach / Destinations and activities

Most people think of Laguna Beach as an idyllic, sun-swept, coastal town in SoCal with endless pristine beaches, but what is less known is that Laguna Beach is surrounded by more than twenty-thousand.

10 Reasons Why Camping Is the Perfect Romantic Date

By Alex Anderson / Lifestyle and activities

Today people don't seem to be very creative and the "perfect romantic date" is a candle light dinner and a movie.

How to Take an Epic Selfie

By Brendan van Son / How-to and lifestyle

For many of you, the word selfie might make you cringe.

Whitetop Mountain: Virginia's Overlooked Peak That Should Be on Your Bucket List

By Billy Bowling / Destinations and activities

Sometimes, life happens. I get it. There is a chance most of you guys who happen upon this story are avid hikers, or adventurers.

Why Taking Our Baby Backpacking Was a Great Idea

By Adam Parkison / Lifestyle, family, and activities

“Babe, I don’t see any more foot prints. And look! The path ahead is covered in debris!” I continued up the trail enthusiastically.

5 Things to Think about before Buying New Ski Boots

By Douglas Mellon / Activities and how-to

1. The Ski SockAlmost daily, I have a customer pull a pair of thick cotton socks from their pocket as they sit down for a fitting.

10 Incredible Winter Backpacking Trips in Washington

By Garmin / Destinations and activities

Winter is in full force up in Washington and for those of you ready to take on the elements, the backcountry has turned into a winter wonderland for adventure.