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8 Things a Year in the Sub-Antarctic Taught Me

By Jamie Gallant / Destinations, lifestyle, and travel

In 2013 I quit my job at an advertising agency in Chicago and jumped at the chance to join a British Royal Air Force flight heading 8000 miles south to the Falkland Islands.

How to Camp on a Deserted Island in Panama for $5

By Alyssa + Hannah ODYSEA / Destinations, how-to, lifestyle, and travel

Every morning I would wake to the sunrise over the nearby rocks, stumble from my tent with my mask and snorkel in hand, and fall into the crystal clear waters.

Why You Should Visit the National Parks in Their Off Season

By Matthew Eaton / Destinations, lifestyle, activities, and travel

Have you ever felt the excitement of getting to visit one of the country’s beautiful National Parks, but as you get close you find a line of cars a mile long trying to work through the park gate? If .

10 Amazing Spring Hikes in Georgia

By Explore Georgia / Destinations and activities

Whether you're craving a long climb to a rushing waterfall or a leisurely walk through a shady forest, Georgia has something for every hiker this spring.

Climate Change and the Transformation of Glacier National Park

By Michael Graw / Lifestyle and destinations

Put Glacier National Park at the top of your summer to-do list - the last remaining glaciers in this iconic American landscape may be gone before you get there if you wait much longer.

The 28 Best Outdoorsy Birthday Gifts That Aren't Gear

By Alex Anderson / Lifestyle

We are always searching for that perfect gift for our outdoorsy friend, family member or ourselves. With so many different brands of gear, it can be hard to figure out the right gift.

101 Guide: Yosemite in 3 Days

By Tom Humphrey / Destinations and activities

I get it. This story is not necessarily very new, innovative or sexy.

Moments of True Happiness Are What We Live For

By Aaron Ibey / Lifestyle and travel

The Moments Worth Living for  I am not looking for a perfect state of happiness and nor do I believe in such but I do believe in moments, I do believe in myself and I do believe in exploring.

5 Books That Inspire Me to Get Outside

By Alex Anderson / Lifestyle

For years I've spent countless hours reading books about climbing, fishing, camping and anything else that inspires me to run out to the next adventure.

Keystone Dreamin': A Road Trip on Pennsylvania Route 6

By Jack Tumen / Destinations, activities, and travel

If I had to guess, I'd say Pennsylvania isn't very high on most travelers' lists of "must-see destinations.

The Ultimate Oregon Adventure Bucket List

By Hi-Tec USA / Destinations and activities

Oregon is home to some of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in America.

You Need to Go to Death Valley for the Super Bloom

By Michael Wigle / Destinations, activities, and travel

In Death Valley National Park wildflowers are so rare that they are actually called ephemerals because of how quickly they bloom and die. Witnessing a super bloom here is incredibly powerful.

15 Images from a Relaxing Weekend in the Northern Rockies

By Kaila Walton / Destinations, lifestyle, activities, and travel

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I road tripped up to Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park and Muncho Lake Provincial Park for a long weekend.

A Much Needed Impromptu Trip to the Oregon Coast

By Andrew Hoang / Destinations, lifestyle, activities, and travel

It was a quick but busy week and I was in class most of the time (contrary to popular belief). I'd been busy and I knew I was getting that itch to go outside.

Why You Should Revisit Those Quick Getaways and Day Hikes

By Tylyn Cullison / Destinations, lifestyle, family, activities, and travel

One of the wonderful things about living in Utah is the number of local hikes that are easily done in a day or even a few hours.

How We Explored the Olympic Peninsula in Just One Day

By Garrett Schmidt / Destinations, activities, and travel

To start,since moving here back in October, I have been wanting to see these giant rocks emerging from the coast.

10 Tips for Driving in Iceland

By 7308a3694ff2358877e36fb97bca073f / Destinations, how-to, activities, and travel

You're going to Iceland! Yeah! Congrats it's the most beautiful place in the world and I've been craving to get back ever since I flew out of Keflavík a few months ago.

Searching for Orcas in Johnstone Strait

By Cindy Hughes / Destinations, activities, and travel

Remote wilderness, glassy waters, rocky beaches, and killer whales (orcas). Kayaking this area is the best way to experience Johnstone Strait.

Point Reyes Can Be the Most Amazing Place You've Ever Been To

By Sam Loomis / Destinations, activities, and travel

I love to do my fair share of long, rigorous hikes, but some of my best adventures have been driving with friends or family, stopping in various places, and walking at most a mile from the car.

Dead in the Water: A Mis-Adventure Off Roading in the Philippine Jungle

By Gabriel Nivera / Destinations, activities, and travel

Tanay, RizalDuring one of my trips back to the Philippines, I decided it would be a fun and good idea to do a little off-roading and camping.

How to Find Solitude in a National Park

By Sara Sheehy / How-to, activities, travel, and destinations

National Parks hold some of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States.

Two Days Driving up Highway 1 Wasn't Enough!

By Benjamin Canevari / Destinations, lifestyle, activities, and travel

Day 1 consisted of a spontaneous trip to Pleasanton for a dinner with friends the night before. And then yet another spontaneous one night stay at the Hotel Paradox in Santa Cruz.

An Incredible 10-Day Road Trip in The Canadian Rockies

By Geoffery von Zastrow / Destinations, lifestyle, and travel

Early last summer, I started to plan a trip to Cuba with one of my best friends.

The Golden Rules of National Parks (and Why They Matter)

By Tara Stamnes / How-to, lifestyle, and travel

The National Parks Service has been witness to a lot of rule-breaking issues over the past year. From tourists trampling off trail to taking off with wildlife, rules are still a problem for many.