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I Totaled My Car Getting This Photo and It Was Worth It. Here's Why.

By Eric Bennett / Lifestyle and activities

For me 2016 passed by in a blur. It was a busy year, an adventurous year, a dangerous year, but most of all, one of the best years of my life.

Chasing Fall: A Day in the Catskills

By Jack Tumen / Destinations and activities

As a kid growing up in Catskill State Park, I was fortunate to experience four vastly different seasons each year. Winters were harsh, spring was fresh and stormy and summers were hot and humid.

A Winter Road Trip on Yukon and Alaska's Golden Circle

By Rachel Kristensen / Destinations and activities

Snow. Ice. Limited daylight. Vast swaths of unattended roads.

5 Magical Places to Visit in Big Sur, California

By Julie & Brian / Destinations and activities

On the Central Coast of California, Highway 1 winds through a section of rocky coastline known as Big Sur.

10 Things That Will Inspire You to Add a Kenya Safari to Your Bucket-List

By Tori Marsh / Destinations

10. The Big 5 Obviously, this is the biggest reason why so many travel long distances to visit Kenya.

Going Further with Less, a Minimalist's Call to Arms

By Justin Peverini / Lifestyle and activities

My father, though I doubt he intended it, instilled in me a great need go further with less.

5 Essential Winter Camping Tips

By Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics / Activities and how-to

The cold weather and wet or snowy conditions should not stop anyone from enjoying the great outdoors.

Rule Number One of Road Trips: Plans Never Go as Planned

By David Waugh / Activities

Rule number one of road trips: plans never go as planned. Something you just have to learn and deal with.

10 Badass Winter Summit Hikes

By Under Armour / Destinations and activities

Standing atop a towering peak, looking out over the mountain expanse, and appreciating the hard work you put in to get there is a pretty badass feeling.

Exploring Southern Utah in the Winter: The Trip of a Lifetime

By Andrew Hoang / Destinations and activities

You know how you plan for a big trip and just hope nothing goes wrong? If you've read any of my other stories, you'll know that my trips often turn into little adventures that are pretty much damag.

The Impermanence of Our National Monuments

By Michael Graw / Lifestyle

National monuments have been thrown into the crosshairs of the raging debate over public lands.

7 Reasons Why This Is the Most Ridiculous Picture I Have Ever Taken

By John Entwistle / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

In 2016, I hiked to Brandywine Falls, and claimed it was one of the "Highest Effort Pictures" of 2016... This time, I decided to do it in the dark, after significant snowfall.

The Ultimate Adventure Guide to California’s Highway 395

By Ty Merkel / Destinations, how-to, and activities

California’s highway 395, running from the Mojave desert to desolate Modoc County, is a hell of a road. As far as north-south highways go, the 395 is often forgotten.

Why Every Adventurer Should Learn How to Sew

By Addison Klinke / How-to, lifestyle, and activities

Over my winter break from college this year, I had an intimidating task to complete: either create or buy all of the remaining gear needed for this summer’s upcoming road trip.

You Can't 'Be' Happy. Instead, Think of How to 'Do' Happy.

By Jonathon Reed / Lifestyle

This fall I spent 6 weeks with my twin sister on a road trip through the American Southwest.

Catch the Best Sunrise in Idaho on Mt. Roothaan

By Visit Idaho / Destinations and activities

In Idaho, sometimes you don’t even have to leave the car to reach unbelievable views, but if you’re willing to bundle up and put in a little extra effort, you’ll have the best seat in the house for a.

How to Plan the Perfect Winter Day at the Oregon Coast

By Jonathan Beeghly / Destinations and activities

(Otter Rock, Newport Oregon) Most people wouldn’t think of January when imagining the perfect beach day with your friends.

The Great American Solar Eclipse: Where Will You Watch It?

By Dan Barr / Destinations and activities

Summer 2017 quickly approaches, believe it or not, and with that comes the planning of another season of adventure.

Why Climate Change IS the National Park Service's Business

By Michael Graw / Lifestyle

Among the flurry of executive orders, proclamations, and tweets coming out in the first days of the Trump administration was a gag order issued to the National Park Service limiting communication wit.

Don't Travel Iceland Alone in the Winter

By Matt Van Swol / Lifestyle and destinations

I’ve always been a fan of traveling alone. I’m an introvert and a photographer which means I don’t talk much and pull the car over constantly to shoot photos and wander.

How to Be a Financially Responsible Traveler

By Trent + Georgie / How-to and lifestyle

We wrote a story a little while ago that laid out our top tips for saving up enough money to make your round-the-world trip dreams a reality.

A Photo Tour of the Scottish Highlands

By Julie & Brian / Destinations

Last summer Brian and I took a 17-day trip to Europe. Without a doubt, our favorite part of the excursion was the time that we spent exploring the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

How I Turned My Jeep into a Camper

By Ethan Constable / Destinations, how-to, lifestyle, and activities

If there are any of you that want to explore and maybe take a road trip but do not want to worry about making hotel reservations or pitching a tent, this might be for you.

20 Adventures for Your 2017 Skiing and Snowboarding Bucket List

By 686 / Destinations and activities

It's been one heck of a year so far for all of us powder hounds. With all the snow that keeps dumping at the resorts and in the backcountry, the only thing you need to do is make your plans.