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Backpacking The Greatest Wilderness in Europe

By Erik Nilsson / Destinations and activities

Well above the arctic circle in Swedish Lapland lies Kungsleden - The King's Trail. This 450km swath of trail stretches between the towns of Abisko, the northern terminus and Hemavan, the southern.

Love and the Unknown: A Surprise Proposal in Patagonia

By Marguerite McNeal / Destinations and lifestyle

I shouldn’t be surprised when he gets down on one knee. Our dating history is a long one, and this trip to Chile has ample opportunities for epic gestures.

Finding Balance in New Hampshire's White Mountains

By Chloë Lynn Mykytyn / Destinations, health, lifestyle, and activities

In December, I had resolved to balance out the law with more hikes and photography. I did the research and made a plan. But like with any design, this too did not go as planned.

Adventure by Campervan: 10 Days in Scotland

By Trent + Georgie / Destinations and activities

Day 1As we arrived in Scotland by overnight bus from London, our journey began in Glasgow.

A Photo Tour of Henry's Lake and Yellowstone National Park

By Tylyn Cullison / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

I hate being a tourist, and I've never been more of a touristy tourist than last summer when I visited Yellowstone National Park during the 4th of July weekend.

Boycotting Outdoor Retailer Is Misguided at Best, and Damaging to the Industry at Worst

By Kyle Frost / Lifestyle

There’s been a lot of hullabaloo about Outdoor Retailer over the last week or so.

8 Camping Meals You'll Want to Bring Home with You

By Tava Hoag / How-to, health, lifestyle, and activities

There’s nothing quite like a campfire meal. For me it feels almost primal to cook beneath the stars out in the woods.

How to Plan a Trip to the Galapagos

By Kyle Frost / Destinations

What comes to mind when you think of the Galapagos? Darwin? Finches? Baby marine iguanas being chased across the beach by dozens of snakes and eventually escaping? For me, the Galapagos Islands were .

The Debate about a New National Monument in Maine’s Northern Woods

By Danielle Tourigny / Destinations and lifestyle

On August 24, 2016 President Obama designated 87,500 acres of Maine’s northern Woods as the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

8 Things I Learned At 22,841 feet on the Summit of Aconcagua

By Rachel Davidson / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

I kicked off my New Year by spending three weeks climbing the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere: Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina.

Why You Need to Get in Your Car and Just Drive

By Ryan Oswald / Lifestyle and activities

I had the road trip of a lifetime all planned out! ➡️ Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Park ➡️ Glacier National Park ➡️ Mt Rainier/Mt Olympus ➡️ Mt Hood/Crater Lake ➡️ Redwoods National Park.

How Biking Changed My Life and May Change Yours Too

By Diane Cunnings / Health, activities, and lifestyle

It wasn’t until after a friend’s exuberant Labrador retriever yanked me off a porch that my relationship to bicycles was rekindled.

Adventure Doesn't Have to Be Grand

By Josiah Purss / Lifestyle and activities

In the day and age of Instagram, adventure, for some, has become unobtainable.

The More Lost I Get the More at Home I Really Feel

By Jamie Scott / Destinations and lifestyle

Heading east finally, to the Cabot Trail. It was always odd to me that I had done so much traveling and yet most of my own country was yet to be explored.

Patagonia Withdraws from Outdoor Retailer over Bears Ears National Monument

By Liam McNally / Lifestyle

I grew up in Utah and some of my earliest and fondest memories are of camping in the desert in Southern Utah.

10 Illustrated Adventure Rigs: Part 1

By Isaac Orloff / Lifestyle

Adventuring is sure to bring you to many new and exciting places throughout your journeys. In addition to unique places and people, vehicles also change with the landscape.

Wail of the Loon: A Pleasant Wildlife Surprise in Banff National Park

By Chase Dekker / Destinations

It always seems to be that when you least expect something, it happens. That was the case for me when photographing in Banff National Park, Alberta this past summer.

How to Summit the Two Tallest Mountains in New York in a Weekend

By Brandon Dewey / Destinations, how-to, and activities

The Adirondack Mountains has the two tallest mountains in New York: Mount Marcy (5,344’) and Algonquin Peak (5,115’).

The Basics: 4 Pieces of Gear You Need to Backpack This Spring

By Matt Van Swol / How-to and activities

Spring and Fall are my favorite times of year to go backpacking. It’s not too hot during the day, but I still get to use my sleeping bag to stay warm during the chilly nights.

25 Must-Do Hikes in Texas

By LifeStraw / Destinations and activities

Texas is a huge state and even though much of the terrain is the rugged desert landscape that you'd expect, you'll also be surprised at the diversity you'll find on the trail.

Dare to Challenge Winter in the Mount Baker Backcountry and the Payoffs Can Be Monumental

By Randy Gordon / Destinations and activities

Take a moment to just look as far as you can see. Basking in the reality of the moment.

These 3 Adventures in Utah's Uinta National Forest Will Blow Your Mind

By Leo Xu / Destinations and activities

We all know that Utah has the Mighty 5. But they're always super crowded all year round, especially in the Summer, and you can hardly find a parking spot in these popular parks.

How to Choose the Right Ski

By Megan Davin / How-to and activities

There is no magical equation to determine the perfect length ski for you and there is no formula for choosing the perfect width either, but today we are here to help answer a few basic questions and .

4 Reasons Why This Small Mountain Town Should Be On Your Bucket List

By Lindsay Sanders / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

Nestled just 10 miles east of Mount Shasta, California is McCloud, a small, historic mill town with a vibrant history and a myriad of outdoor adventures suitable for any season.