Photograph the Church of Saints Primus and Felician

Added by Katie Yarborough

Take in one of the best highlights in Slovenia by seeing this beautiful church at sunset with the breathtaking Julian Alps framing the view!

Located at my coordinate is the pull off point for you to shoot the beautiful and perfect view of the church. There is a small pull off at this location, which is hard to find in Slovenia! It's the perfect space for a couple cars. Jump out and walk over next to the guardrail and keep your eyes open for oncoming cars flying around the bends. Make sure to bring your tripod and set up for that great shot! Located just below where you parked is a great little spot for wildflowers. You can hop down the side bank and locate some that you love to fill the frame. 

Once you're done shooting the wide frame of this church, keep driving down till you reach the path in front of the church. You can park your car here and walk to the church. There is enough room for about 3 cars to park here. You'll walk down the path, which will lead you straight to the church. There are informative signs and benches for people to sit and enjoy their time here.

There are no trashcans here, so please be sure to practice Leave No Trace! 

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Just Saint Primus

This is a beautiful location and definitely on my bucket list, but I believe this is simply the Church of St. Primus. The church dedicated to both saints is located

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