Shawn GrenningerExplorer

Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania exploring the beautiful outdoors by foot and kayak and spending the nights under the stars. I'm typically planning my next adventure before the current one ends and of course enjoy a good beer in the process.

Relax at Bigalow Hot Springs


Hike the Barbour Rock Trail

2.6 mi / 0 ft gain

Kayak or Canoe Pine Creek: Blackwell to Black Walnut Bottom

Backpack the West Rim Trail

30.5 mi / 5648 ft gain

Backpack the Black Forest Trail

42 mi / 8550 ft gain

Photograph Aunt Sarah's Falls

Explore Hector Falls

Photograph Taughannock Falls

1.5 mi / 644 ft gain

Hike to Gipson Falls

1 mi

Hike the Hemlock Mountain Loop

6.48 mi / 1200 ft gain

Kayak and Fish at Little Pine Lake


Hike the Ruth Will Trail

3 mi

Hike to Jacoby Run Falls

3.3 mi / 341 ft gain

Hike the Cascadilla Gorge Trail

1.1 mi / 300 ft gain

Stroll along the Rapid Run Nature Trail

1.09 mi

Catch a Sunset on Bear Wallow Pond

Photograph Mineral Springs Falls

0.25 mi

Camp at World's End Park Campground


Hike the Gillespie Point Loop

5.3 mi / 1166 ft gain

Camp along Section 2 of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Hike to Pine Island Vista

5.1 mi

Hike to Bohen Run Falls

4 mi

Kayak Camp Section 1 of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Kayak Camp the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon