Shalee BlackmerExplorer

Busy, but worth it

According to the rangers, on weekends the trailhead parking can fill by 5am. We arrived around 8 and people were parking over a mile away. I had this hike on my list and almost backed out last minute because I expected the lookout to be overcrowded and underwhelming. Although there was a decent crowd at the lookout, there was plenty of space to spread out and hang. The view was even more beautiful than anticipated. SO happy I went forward and hiked it. Easy 10 miler with grand views!

What a hike!

Took us two attempts to summit via the Mountaineers Route but man was it worth it. The trail is more technical than the Mt Whitney Trail but what you save in distance is incredible. Mountaineers is 5 miles compared to Mt Whitney’s 11. The Chute was covered in snow but made for a fun climb and the Final 400 was a blast! Overall it’s an excellent route for those looking for a bit more of a technical challenge.

Secluded High Point

This peak is definitely out there! The road to Queen Mine is a little rough in some spots be we managed. Trail is easy to follow up until the last section where it turns into an light scramble. Had the peak all to ourselves and only saw one other group on the way down.

Great little hike with amazing views

Steady hike with beautiful views. I love anything that allows me to hike on the AT for a little while. My cat even joined and he gives it two paws up! I would love to come again in the warmer months and utilize the campsite near the summit.

Definitely one of the coolest spots in NC

This place is epic. The hike is steep but quite short. The falls itself are super cool. There's a huge swimming hole in front, multiple cliff jumping spots, and you can climb around and play in the first set of falls. I honestly didn't want to leave. Definitely an adult playground!

Worth an off-season visit

It's a super impressive waterfall. A lot of people say it's crowded but I've only visited in the offseason. Both times there was only a handful of people there. It's not a hike, and I wish it was, but it's still a cool little stop when exploring around Asheville and the BRP.

Best hike around Charlotte

I've been here hiking and also did a climbing trip here. I would definitely recommend visiting in the spring/fall as summer usually is very hot and humid. It does get pretty crowded on weekends, but if you leave the main summit area you can get away from most of the people. Parking can also be difficult on busy days so come early!

Really cool little waterfall

It's definitely not two miles RT (maybe a mile), but it's a cool little hike. The falls are beautiful and pretty unique. I loved the wooden bridge. It was a warm fall day and I wish I had brought my bathing suit to jump in. Next time!

Great hike off the BRP

This was a neat hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway. It offers some beautiful views of the parkway below and the surrounding mountains. I recommend doing it early in the day or late in the evening as mid-day can get crowded.

Don't miss this hike!

I had heard this hike had some of the best views in MS and I don't disagree! It was absolutely incredible. I was solo-tripping around New Zealand and started out on this trek a little nervous because of all the guidebooks that say the path isn't well marked. However, the path is marked now and easy to follow. The views are absolutely insane. I was gone for four hours and spent an hour at the top. Honestly, I found this hike so much more awe-inspiring than the actual fjords at Milford Sound.

Great Little Hike

Easy, relaxing, and peaceful hike. I am looking forward to hiking it again when the leaves are on the trees!

New Favorite MI waterfall!

This waterfall is absolutely beautiful! Trust the coordinates where to park, when I got there two other cars were there trying to figure out where the falls were because there are no clear signs. After they left I had to place to myself for over an hour. It was wonderful!

Great views

It's one of the more crowded hikes in the park, but it's still worth a trip to the top. Picture perfect moments all around!

One of the best spots

Don't miss this spot! Walked a little ways away from the parking lot and had the most relaxing and peaceful lunch break. Could've sat there all day.

My first hot spring experience

This was a really cool place. I enjoyed the hike up because it kept it very secluded and less crowded. I wish it had a little better changing area. You're definitely still exposed in what they have now, but then again I guess who cares, you're in Iceland!

Great surprise

There was a geocache here, which is why we stopped. Before that we had no idea this place existed but man it was incredible! Our group was here just before sunset and had the whole canyon to ourselves. Definitely a "pinch me" moment.

Recommend camping on the beach

One of my coolest travel experiences happened here. Got an incredible northern lights show the night we decided to camp on the beach. I imagine this place gets pretty crowded during the day, so I'd recommend camping along the shore and then getting up early to enjoy the area before everyone arrives.

One-of-a-kind spot

Before visiting I had seen many photos of this plane online. I was afraid I would be disappointed, but I have to say it was quiet cool. I went nearly two years ago, and then you could drive out to it (I see some reviews say they had to walk). Either way I think it's the kind of experience you could only have in Iceland and a super cool photo op.

Favorite Iceland Waterfall

The uniqueness of this waterfall in a canyon cannot be beat. It's right next to one of the most touristy falls in the country, but only had one other person there when we went.

A unique California town

Morro Bay is a great place to visit. The town itself is relatively small and cozy, which adds to the overall charm. Even if you were trying to miss The Rock, you couldn't. It's a massive mass that can be seen for miles down the coast. Definitely and iconic CA spot!


I've been to over 20 European countries...and this is my favorite spot.

Pinnacles is a gem

The first time passing by Pinnacles we decided to skip it as we didn't know if it was worth the detour. I am SO glad we went back and decided to check it out. One of my favorite spots in CA. Best part was the lack of crowds compared to other NPs in the state.

Incredible hike

This was one of my favorite hikes while road tripping America for six months. I was here in December and the day got very hot, so I can't imagine how hot it can get in the summer. Bring plenty of water!

One of the coolest and shortest peaks I've done

It's not overwhelming difficult, but the peak makes you feel on top of the world. Perfect early morning or evening hike. But please, if you go bring your trash down with you. There's quite a lot of trash in certain spots near the peak. If i ever return to the area I'm hiking up with a trash bag.