The Best Photography in San Francisco

Hike to Alamere Falls

San Francisco / Palomarin Trailhead

The hike to Alamere falls is ~8.4 mile out-and-back. Start at the Palomarin Trailhead located in the parking lot near the restrooms.

Jake Young
2266 Saves

Take in Iconic McWay Falls

San Francisco / McWay Falls Trail

McWay Falls is one of the most iconic waterfalls in BIg Sur and can be seen from Highway 1. The trail to the falls is located in Julia Pfeiffer.

Stephen Bellrichard
1963 Saves

Hike the Lands End Trail

San Francisco / Lands End Trail

The Lands End Trail is a fairly easy 3 mile hike along the coastline of SF. The highlights of the trail include access to China Beach, views of the Sutro Baths and the Golden Gate.

Julien Bacal
1643 Saves

Hike Cataract Falls

San Francisco / Cataract Falls

Cataract Falls is one of the most stunning hikes in the bay area after a recent rain. The drive to the trailhead alone is beautiful as you pass Alpine Lake on Bolinas Fairfax Rd.

Griffin Moon
1624 Saves

Clifftop Camping & Hot Springs in Big Sur

San Francisco / Kirk Creek Campground

Campsite: There is nothing quite like driving or biking along US-1, the Pacific Coast Highway.

George Miller
1467 Saves

Explore Muir Woods National Monument

San Francisco / Muir Woods National Monument Parking

While there are other, less crowded redwood groves in the Bay Area, Muir Woods National Monument is easily one of the best.

Katch Silva
1457 Saves

Explore the Presidio's Hidden Treasures

San Francisco / The Wood Line by Andy Goldsworthy

Tucked into a corner of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is the Presidio, a beautiful little oasis of forests, beaches, and sweeping views that locals love.

Lisa Dutton
1445 Saves

Hike to the Summit of Mt. Tamalpais

San Francisco / Verna Dunshee Trail

Mt. Tam is a large park with plenty of amazing viewpoints, but the East routes and the East Peak are best for sunsets.

Sothear Nuon
1423 Saves

Hike Mission Peak

San Francisco / Mission Peak Regional Preserve

Breathtaking views of the Bay Area are your reward for making this climb to the top of Mission Peak. It’s a 3 mile trek to the top of the peak and then back down the same way.

A Secret Hike & Picnic With A View at Tank Hill

San Francisco / Tank Hill

Looking for a cool, under-the-radar spot that’s perfect for picnics, chilling out, and chasing the sunset? Look no further than Tank Hill.

Josiah Roe
1100 Saves

Hike the Redwood Regional Park Loop

San Francisco / Skyline Gate Staging Area

Tucked away in the hills of Oakland, you will find one of the homes of California's Coastal Redwoods.

Gaby Colletta
1051 Saves

Photograph the Cypress Tree Tunnel in Point Reyes

San Francisco / Monterey Cypress Tree Tunnel at Point Reyes

Just north of San Francisco, there's a row of giant Monterey cypress trees that forms a “tree tunnel”.

Lisa Bao
1014 Saves

Uvas Canyon Waterfall Hike

San Francisco / Swanson Creek Trail

Uvas Canyon offers up to 6-miles of hiking trails, which includes a 1.5 mile loop, which runs along Swanson Creek and passes many of the park's waterfalls.

Pascual Dutton
969 Saves

Hike the Matt Davis-Steep Ravine Loop

San Francisco / Matt Davis Trail

This loop is made up of three of the most popular Marin trails and for good reason. These trails offer not only expansive ocean views, but a variety of topography and environments. This 7.

Ryan Vermilion
933 Saves

Hike to Little Yosemite in the Sunol

San Francisco / Canyon View Trailhead

After entering the kiosk you’ll be able to pick up a brochure with a map at the trail head.

Ed Francisco
901 Saves

Hike the Batteries to Bluffs Trail

San Francisco / Batteries to Bluffs Trail

The Batteries to Bluffs Trail in the Presidio is a true gem of San Francisco.

Brian Heifferon
887 Saves

Capture Sweeping City Views From Bernal Heights Hill

San Francisco / Bernal Heights Hill

Bernal Heights Parks is an excellent week night adventure for those who need an escape from the city. Sit atop this small, grassy peak in peace and look out over the San Francisco skyline.

Mitchell Phun
838 Saves

Hike Mt. Sutro Open Space Reserve

San Francisco / Mt. Sutro's Fairy Gates Trail

The Mount Sutro Open Space hike is one of those gems that's just hiding in plain site.

Julien Bacal
783 Saves

Explore Highway 1 from Carmel to Big Sur

San Francisco / Lone Cypress

Being from the Central Coast, every time I visit the area I like to do the same trip - Simply because it is amazing. The trip starts along 17 mile drive located in Carmel.

Blake Maitoza
777 Saves

Explore the Big Sur River Gorge

San Francisco / River Gorge Trail

If you are in the Big Sur area during the summer, exploring the Big Sur River Gorge is a must! The gorge is located in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, and your closest parking will be day use parking lo.

Blake Maitoza
760 Saves

Hike through Portola Redwoods State Park

San Francisco / Portola Redwoods SP

Like redwood hikes? We do too, they're always very scenic and take you away from the hustle and bustle of the bay area. Not to mention, they also stay cool during the summer months.

Brian Heifferon
736 Saves

Take in a Sunset on Marshall's Beach

San Francisco / Marshall's Beach

If you're looking for one of the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Marshall's Beach gives you just that without the tourist crowds of Baker Beach.

Lisa Bao
734 Saves

Hike Kirby Cove

San Francisco / Kirby Cove Road

This scenic hike is a 1.8 mile out-and-back trail located near Sausalito, CA. From the trail and beach, you'll get scenic of the Golden Gate, San Francisco's skyline, and glimpses of the East Bay.

Christian Arballo
731 Saves

Hike Mt. Diablo

San Francisco / Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center

Mt. Diablo has some of the most expansive views in California, despite it's relatively low peak elevation. It played a large role in the surveying the Bay Area during its early discovery.

Christian Arballo
731 Saves

Catch a Sunset at Twin Peaks

San Francisco / Twin Peaks Summit

Most locals have heard of Twin Peaks, so if you hop in an Uber or Taxi you should be just fine. If not or you are driving yourself, head for Twin Peaks Boulevard, then just follow it to the top.

Pine Watt
710 Saves

Explore Pinnacles National Park

San Francisco / Pinnacles National Park

It’s hard to believe how many people don’t know about this place, which was newly designated as a National Park in January 2013.

Pascual Dutton
684 Saves

Catch a Sunset at Grand View Park ("Turtle Hill")

San Francisco / Grand View Park, San Francisco

A recipe for happiness in the "cool grey city of love.

Josiah Roe
666 Saves

Backpack to Point Reyes' Wildcat Camp

San Francisco / Palomarin Trailhead

In order to make this trip possible, go to and make a reservation for Wildcat Camp (available year-round).

Miranda Leconte
663 Saves

Sunset Hike to Mile Rock Beach

San Francisco / Lands End Trail

This rocky, secluded beach is tucked in along the Land’s End Coastal Trail.

Tyler Drake
657 Saves

Hike Mt. Livermore

San Francisco / Angel Island SP

Unless you own a boat or a kayak, this adventure requires a ride on the Blue and Gold Ferry from Pier 41 in San Francisco. But let’s be honest, that’s actually half the fun.

Clare Healy
649 Saves

Hike to Nisene Marks' Maple Falls

San Francisco / Aptos Creek Fire Road

As you enter the park, you'll need to pay $8 for parking via a self-pay envelope, so it's recommended that you bring exact change. At the park booth, be sure to grab a map.

Joshua Scruggs
627 Saves

Hike Point Reyes' Chimney Rock

San Francisco / Chimney Rock Trail

Chimney Rock is a 1.8 mile out-and-back, single-track trail. The trailhead gets crowded (even on weekdays) with amateur and professional photographers, as well as nature lovers clutching field guides.

Tyler Drake
616 Saves

Explore Big Sur's Calla Lily Valley

San Francisco / Calla Lily Valley

Parking is available along the dirt pullout at Gate 19 for Garrapata State Park, near mile-marker 63. Signs are small and difficult to see.

Courtney Clemmons
582 Saves

Catch a Sunset at Pfeiffer Beach

San Francisco / Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer Beach located in Big Sur may truly be one of the most awesome beaches in California...if you can find it.

Blake Maitoza
581 Saves

Russian Ridge Trail Run

San Francisco / Russian Ridge

Russian Ridge offers a great place to jump on the trail and in the right season, see some of the best wildflowers blooming. On top of that, you get access to amazing views from the ridge.

Christopher Bobel
580 Saves

Photograph San Francisco by Night from Corona Heights Park

San Francisco / Corona Heights Park Entrance

Corona Heights Park is a park located north of the Castro and South of Buena Vista Park.

Julien Bacal
574 Saves

Hiking Through the Marin Headlands

San Francisco / Vista Viewpoint

The headlands offer great views of the Golden Gate Bridge. You can make the Vista Viewpoint you're starting off point to leave your car or if you're riding, just stop in and enjoy the view.

Griffin Moon
550 Saves

Hike to Carson Falls

San Francisco / Carson Falls

Are you tired of crowds on your hikes? First, shame on you for getting up so late and moving so slowly.

Explore the Cypress Tree Tunnels at Moss Beach

San Francisco / Cypress Cove Entrance

The Cypress Tree Tunnels are a quick jaunt from San Francisco (22 miles) and make for a great half-day trip. Getting here depends on traffic, but 30 minutes from the center of the city is doable.

Michael Gabbert
548 Saves

Swing Under an Abandoned Pier in Davenport

San Francisco / Davenport Pier

The ruins of Davenport Pier are located on Davenport Pier Beach, just north of Davenport on Highway 1, which is about 11 miles north of Santa Cruz.

Alysha Painter
538 Saves

Explore The Hidden Rock Caves At Partington Cove

San Francisco / Partington Cove trail

Partington Cove which is located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, is one of Big Sur's hidden gems.

Xavier Salgado
534 Saves

Explore Point Lobos' Whalers Cove

San Francisco / Whalers Cove

Point Lobos is one of the hidden gems of the California coast. Located just off of Route 1 right after Monterey, Point Lobos is a state park on the coast.

Joel Bear
533 Saves

Hike Salmon Creek and Falls

San Francisco / Salmon Creek Trailhead

Feel free to hike Salmon Creek Trail at your own pace – you can choose to turn back at any point, or at the Spruce (2 miles in) or Estrella (3.25 miles in) sites.

Talia Touboul
533 Saves

Stargaze at Lick Observatory

San Francisco / Lick Observatory

Hop on Road 130 heading out of San Jose and follow the winding two lane road up, up, up to to the top of Mt. Hamilton and the Lick Observatory.

Pine Watt
526 Saves

Catch a Sunset at Natural Bridges State Beach

San Francisco / Natural Bridges SB

Natural Bridges State Beach is a wonderful place to photograph located in Santa Cruz off of West Cliff Drive.

Blake Maitoza
524 Saves

Catch the Sunset at Grizzly Peak

San Francisco / Grizzly Peak Lookout

A well-known sunset spot in the East Bay, and rightfully so - the views from Grizzly Peak are stunning. You have several pull-offs to pick from. The larger ones have logs to sit upon.

Gaby Colletta
519 Saves

Hike the Ewoldsen Trail

San Francisco / Ewoldsen Trail

The Ewoldsen Trail is one of the more accessible yet challenging hikes in Big Sur.

Lucas Pols
513 Saves

Camp on Prewitt Ridge

San Francisco / Prewitt Ridge

After much time in Big Sur, it became quickly apparent that Prewitt Ridge is the crown jewel of camping in the area.

Clare Healy
512 Saves

Picturesque Views from Mt. Tam's East Ridge

San Francisco / East Ridgecrest

This road provides one of the most scenic views of the pacific from north of the Golden Gate.

Griffin Moon
509 Saves

Catch a Sunrise at Hawk Hill

San Francisco / Hawk Hill

If you're leaving from SF, head over the bridge and exit onto Alexander Ave. Make the immediate left under the overpass and you'll be on the road to Hawk Hill.

Brian Heifferon
498 Saves

Explore Devil's Slide Bunker

San Francisco / Devil's Slide Bunker

The Devil's Slide Bunker is perched out on a point the defiantly juts out into the ocean.

Pine Watt
475 Saves

Camp at Russian Gulch State Park

San Francisco / Russian Gulch SP

Just two miles north of Mendocino, you'll find this beautiful, well-maintained park that features a little bit of everything.

Brian Heifferon
469 Saves

Hike to Pfeiffer Falls

San Francisco / Pfeiffer Falls and Valley View Trail

This trail is a staff favorite at Big Sur. This family-friendly waterfall trail provides only a moderate challenge for young children and older family members.

Brynn Schmidt
427 Saves

Explore the S.S. Point Reyes Shipwreck

San Francisco / Point Reyes Shipwreck

Explore the shipwreck of the S.S. Point Reyes, perched on a sand bar off the shoreline of Tomales Bay. It is located in the small town of Inverness, just behind the grocery store.

Gaby Colletta
405 Saves

Cruising Pacific Coast Highway in Northern California

San Francisco / Stinson Beach

Start your drive on US Highway 1 aka Pacific Coast Highway just North of San Francisco. The drive will take about 1 -2 days so plan on overnighting somewhere.

Juan Moreno
402 Saves

Explore the Ruins of The Sutro Baths

San Francisco / Sutro Baths

Whether you simply look down on the ruins from the parking lot above, or walk down the stairs and explore, you will be greeted with stunning views of the Baths, and the Pacific.

Danny McGee
384 Saves

Explore WWII Ruins on Point Bonita

San Francisco / Point Bonita

All throughout the Marin Headlands are WWII-era bunkers, batteries and ruins, including a complex on the hillside above the Point Bonita Lighthouse that provide amazing views of San Francisco, the Go.

Josiah Roe
368 Saves

Enjoy a Dog Friendly Beach Day

San Francisco / Fort Funston

Fort Funston is an SF gem I discovered when looking for a dog friendly hike near the city.

Rachel Williams
367 Saves

Beach Picnic at Shark Fin Cove

San Francisco / Shark Fin Cove

Shark Fin Cove is a large rock formation in an inlet off Highway 1 in Northern California. It is located 1 mile south of Davenport and 10 miles north of Santa Cruz.

Alysha Painter
367 Saves

Explore the Avenue of the Giants

San Francisco / Avenue of the Giants

The Avenue of the Giants is a scenic 31 mile long highway that is surrounded by 51,222 acres of giant redwood trees in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. This road offers amazing views of the redwoods.

Justin Ritucci
367 Saves

Surf at Big Sur's Sand Dollar Beach

San Francisco / Plaskett Creek Campground

Head into Big Sur and get a campsite at Plaskett Creek. You can either make a reservation through or show up and hope to luck out on one of the first-come, first-serve campsites.

Chris Burkard
362 Saves

Explore Lovers Point

San Francisco / Lover's Point

LOVERS POINT PARK AND BEACH: According to local legend, this park was originally called "Lovers of Jesus Point," back in the era when Pacific Grove was a Methodist retreat camp.

Xavier Salgado
350 Saves

Explore Point Pinole Shoreline

San Francisco / Point Pinole Regional Shoreline

Point Pinole Regional Shoreline is a 2,315-acre parkland that juts out into the San Pablo Bay.

Gaby Colletta
349 Saves

Bonfire at Muir Beach

San Francisco / Muir Beach

Take in a scenic sunset and enjoy the warmth of a bonfire on the beach! Muir Beach changes the number of fire pits it has seasonally.

Clare Healy
349 Saves

Watch the Sunset at Martin's Beach

San Francisco / Martin's Beach

Martin's Beach is a beach about 7 miles south of Half Moon Bay. It features a large, very cool looking rock formation right off the coast.

Alysha Painter
341 Saves

Photographing the Sunset at Panther Beach

San Francisco / Panther Beach

Probably my favorite beach in the Santa Cruz area. Panther Beach lies just south of Davenport along the beautiful Hwy 1.

Alex Souza
331 Saves

Hike the Lake Berryessa Loop

San Francisco / Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve Trail

At the bend in the road on Highway 128, you will pass two silver gates. The gate with the UC Davis logo is the entrance to the trailhead.

Kimberly Weglin
318 Saves

Camp Out in the Human Nest

San Francisco / Treebones Resort

Located about 40 miles south of the entrance to Big Sur, Treebones Resort has everything you need for that weekend away from the screens we look at everyday.

Nicholas Adam
317 Saves

Hike around Greyhound Beach and Climb Greyhound Rock

San Francisco / Greyhound Rock Beach

The trailhead is at the Greyhound Rock State Marine Conservation Area which is directly off Highway 1.

Sasha Smirens
313 Saves

A Beautiful Hike to Abbotts Lagoon

San Francisco / Abbott's Lagoon Trail

If you like beaches, headlands, scenic landscapes, wildflowers, and tons of wildlife viewing, you should give this hike a try.

Pascual Dutton
312 Saves

Explore Berkeley's Hidden Waterfall in Codornices Park

San Francisco / Quail Trail (Codornices Park)

Park along the street in front of Codornices Park in Berkeley. Follow the stream to the left of the playground. Take the path up the hill to the right (don't head over the bridge on the left).

Sarah Eichstedt
303 Saves

Watch the Sunset at Point Reyes Lighthouse

San Francisco / Point Reyes Lighthouse

From San Francisco, drive north over the Golden Gate Bridge and onto the scenic Route One.

Joel Bear
303 Saves

Sunset Hike to Mori Point

San Francisco / Mori Point Trailhead

Start at the parking lots close to the pier, where bathrooms are also available. Walk along the pier to watch the sunset as it begins.

Gene Reyes
292 Saves

Explore Bowling Ball Beach

San Francisco / Bowling Ball Beach

This scenic beach is a part of Schooner Gulch State Beach in Mendocino County. The beach is named after it's iconic sandstone "bowling balls" found there.

Camp at Big Basin Redwoods State Park

San Francisco / Big Basin Headquarters

An hour away from the thrumming city of San Jose, ancient immense trees live in a forest full of vibrant ferns and rushing waterfalls.

Jason Hatfield
282 Saves

Exploring Big Sur to Pigeon Point

San Francisco / Pigeon Point Light Station SHP

We started off in Big Sur and took as many pull-off viewpoints as possible between Big Sur and the final destination, Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

Moe Lauchert
281 Saves

Kayak in Elkhorn Slough

San Francisco / Moss Landing Harbor

Elkhorn Slough is located in Moss Landing, which is in the dead center of Monterey Bay, California.

Chase Dekker
281 Saves

Camp at Ventana Campground, Big Sur

San Francisco / Ventana Campground

This campground is a gem when it comes to Big Sur camping, book here. Each site includes a parking spot, a campfire ring with grill, a picnic table, and plenty of space for 1-2 tents.

Masa Kato
279 Saves

Catch a Sunrise at Ina Coolbrith Park

San Francisco / Ina Coolbrith Park

This tucked away neighborhood gem is less than a square block in size, but offers some of the best views of San Francisco.

Lisa Bao
275 Saves

Hike the Homestead-Blue Ridge Loop

San Francisco / Homestead Trailhead

From the official trailhead, start off by taking the Homestead Trail, which forks towards the right. A trail connecting Homestead and Blue Ridge will take you to a creek nearby.

Xavier Salgado
275 Saves

Explore the Pidgeon Point Lighthouse

San Francisco / Pigeon Point Light Station SHP

Pidgeon Point Lighthouse is conveniently located just 50 miles south of San Francisco. Constructed in 1872 and standing at 115 feet, it is among the tallest lighthouse in America.

Gordon Li
274 Saves

Bike the Cowell-Purisima Coastal Trail

San Francisco / Cowell Ranch State Beach

This trail begins at the Cowell State Beach parking lot and is only open on the weekends. From the lot, take the short Cowell Ranch Access trail to a scenic overlook.

Jake Young
271 Saves

Hike to Big Sur's Tin House

San Francisco / Tanbark Trail

When it comes to the beauty of Big Sur, a half day on Tanbark Trail to the Tin House captures it all.

Clare Healy
261 Saves

Camping at Limekiln State Park

San Francisco / Limekiln State Park Campground

This campsite is split into two sections and is located directly below a bridge along Route 1 the Pacific Coast Highway. Be cautious turning into the park as the incline and turn are quite serious.

George Miller
260 Saves

Photograph Bixby Bridge

San Francisco / Bixby Bridge

You can't miss this bridge if you are driving north on highway one. The best time for capturing sunsets behind the bridge is December.

Lucas Pols
255 Saves

Hike the Andrew Molera State Park Loop

San Francisco / Andrew Molera State Park Parking lot

The loops starts at the Andrew Molera State Park parking lot (4.5 miles north of the entrance to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park along Highway 1).

Katch Silva
252 Saves

Hike to Sempervirens Falls

San Francisco / Sequoia Trailhead

The hike to Sempervirens Falls is an easy 2.1 mile out-and-back hike on the Sequoia Trail. You'll travel through the redwood forest and some of the campgrounds located in Big Basin State Park.

Lucas Pols
251 Saves

Hike or Bike the Old Growth Redwood Loop at El Corte de Madera

San Francisco / El Corte de Madera Parking Lot

This hike starts at the middle parking lot of the El Corte de Madera Open Space Preserve. The middle lot is located roughly a mile south on Skyline Boulevard from the Skeggs Point Vista.

Jake Young
246 Saves

Catch the Sunset at Maverick's Beach

San Francisco / Tide Pools Parking Lot

Maverick's beach is most well-known for the Maverick surf competition and the gnarly waves which surface here in the winter months. For the rest of the year, the beach is still a site to see.

Michael Gabbert
243 Saves

Hike Nimitz Way to Wildcat Peak

San Francisco / Nimitz Way Trailhead

Tilden Park is a beautiful recreational area with scenic hiking trails, a swimming lake, small animal farm, a steam train and botanical gardens.

Emily Kent
243 Saves

Camp at Black Sands Beach on the Lost Coast

San Francisco / Black Sands Beach Trailhead

Black Sands Beach, and all of the Lost Coast, is almost indescribable in its ruggedness and beauty.

Josiah Roe
241 Saves

Relaxing at Garrapata Beach

San Francisco / Soberanes Point Trailhead

A wonderful roadside beach and state park. Easy parking on both sides of Hwy. 1 with short access trails. There are almost 2 miles of coastline trails heading north and south from the parking area.

Abe Blair
234 Saves

Backpack the Pine Ridge in Big Sur, North Coast Ridge Loop

San Francisco / Big Sur Station

If you are looking to do some backpacking in the Big Sur area, you've come to the right place.

Chris DeAntonio
233 Saves

Camp at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

San Francisco / Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground

The campground at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park offers a spectacular variety of natural settings to enjoy.

Lucas Pols
228 Saves

Hiking, Swimming, and Fishing in Wine Country

San Francisco / Annadel SP

Annadel State Park is located in the historic Valley of the Moon, just 60 miles north of San Francisco, in Sonoma.

Jackson Garton
225 Saves

Hike the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail

San Francisco / Monterey Bay Aquarium

Starting at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, this out-and-back hike takes you out to Pacific Grove before returning for a 6.5 mile round-trip. There is virtually no elevation change on this hike.

Drew Robinson
222 Saves

Kayak with Humpback Whales in Monterey Bay

San Francisco / Moss Landing

Disclaimer: Please keep a respectful distance from the whales and other sea wildlife for their protection and your own. Note, changing the animal's natural behavior is a violation of federal law.

Chase Dekker
216 Saves

Visit the Berkeley Rose Garden

San Francisco / Berkeley Rose Garden

I'm always surprised at how few people know of this beautiful garden. I'm often alone when I visit, which allows for perfect serenity. Visit in early spring for maximum blooms.

Sarah Eichstedt
213 Saves

Surf Under The Golden Gate at Fort Point

San Francisco / Fort Point

This has to one of the coolest spots to surf in the world. The break itself is a left point that requires a healthy swell to wrap into the bay, and only gets good on occasion.

Josiah Roe
213 Saves

Hike the Cataract Trail Loop

San Francisco / Rock Springs Parking Area

Duration: 3.5-4 hour hike at a moderate to quick pace with a short break for lunch.

Nicole Baran
199 Saves

Hike To Zim Zim Falls

San Francisco / Zim Zim Falls Trail

This 8 mile (out and back) hike begins at the trail head off of Knoxville Road, just before mile marker 24. The first 3 miles are relatively flat, though you will cross the creek about 9 times.

Kelsey Nelson
199 Saves

Explore the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

San Francisco / Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

Located beside a residential neighborhood, Fitzgerald Marine Reserve offers a rare glimpse of life in the northern California intertidal zones.

Gordon Li
198 Saves

Hike or Run Mt. Tam via Temelpa Trail

San Francisco / Temelpa Trail

The Mt.

Josiah Roe
196 Saves

Camp at Usal Beach on the Lost Coast

San Francisco / Usal Campgroud

Getting to Usal beach can be a little tricky, but it is well worth the effort. Usal Road (Mendocino Country Rd 431) is found 13 miles north of Westport or 14.5 miles southwest of Legget on Highway 1.

Jake Young
194 Saves

Take in a Sunset at Soberanes Point, Garrapata SP

San Francisco / Soberanes Point Trailhead

Garrapata State Park is located along California's Highway 1, roughly 5 miles south of Carmel, California.

Chase Dekker
194 Saves

Hike Pillar Point Bluff

San Francisco / Jean Lauer Trailhead

Sitting on a 140 acre bluff top, the Pillar Point Bluffs are a simple, easy hike with breathtaking views throughout.

Michael Gabbert
188 Saves

Park Day at Foothills Park

San Francisco / Foothills Park

Disclaimer: Foothills Park requires proof of residence in Palo Alto or being accompanied by a resident of the city. Learn more here. Foothills Park is 2.7 miles west of 280 after exiting Page Mill.

Josh Currie
177 Saves

Sunset Picnic at Kite Hill

San Francisco / Kite Hill

Kite Hill is nothing more than what the name describes. A simple ascent less than 100 feet in elevation.

Josh Currie
167 Saves

Hike the Steep Ravine Trail via Pantoll Station

San Francisco / Steep Ravine Trail from Pantoll Station, Marin

The trailhead Pantoll Station is easy to find on GPS and there are friendly rangers there as well to answer questions.Maps: Paper map are available at the trailhead Pantoll Station in Marin, CA.

Karen Nierlich
166 Saves

Catch a Sunset at Gray Whale Cove

San Francisco / Gray Whale Cove

Starting at the parking lot adjacent to Gray Whale Cove State Beach, proceed to the start sign indicating "Grey Whale Cove Trail".

Gene Reyes
162 Saves

Hike the Stebbins Cold Canyon Loop

San Francisco / Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve Trail

Stebbins Cold Canyon is a great day hike for all skill levels, accessible year round, and offers an abundance of wild flower viewing, including the California poppy.

Emily Kent
160 Saves

Hike the Sky Trail in Point Reyes

San Francisco / Sky Trail, Point Reyes

Sky Trail in Point Reyes National Seashore is a dramatic, mostly single-track trail that runs along the main spine of the Inverness Ridge and across highest mountains in Point Reyes, looming above th.

Josiah Roe
159 Saves

Backpack the Glen Camp Loop via the Palomarin Trailhead

San Francisco / Palomarin Trailhead

Day 1 Before heading to the trailhead, make sure to stop by the Bear Valley Visitor Center to pick up your permit. To stay overnight in Point Reyes, you must stay at one of the trail camps.

Jeff Driscoll
159 Saves

Camp at Andrew Molera State Park

San Francisco / Andrew Molera Campground

Andrew Molera is about 27 miles south of Carmel and one of the first State Parks you'll hit heading down the coast.

Josh Currie
158 Saves

Beach Bonfire at Drake's Beach, Pt. Reyes

San Francisco / Drakes Beach

Named after the famed explorer, Sir Francis Drake, Drakes Beach is part of the scenic Point Reyes National Seashore.

Grant Nyquist
153 Saves

Take a Stroll on the Redwood Grove Loop

San Francisco / Redwood Grove Loop Traihead

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park is located just a few miles north of the city of Santa Cruz, along Highway 9.

Chase Dekker
153 Saves

Hike Sugarloaf's Pony Gate-Canyon Loop

San Francisco / Adobe Canyon Road

The Pony Gate-Canyon Loop within Sugarloaf Ridge State Park is a new favorite of mine on my list of family and kid-friendly hikes. Our little girls did great with this hike and loved it.

Emily Kent
137 Saves

Mountain Bike at Purisima Creek

San Francisco / Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve

This beautiful mountain bike ride can be started at the Purisima Creek Road Trailhead or on Skyline Boulevard.

Jake Young
136 Saves

Hike the Old Growth Redwoods Trail

San Francisco / Big Basin Old Growth Trail

Quick half-mile stroll through the old growth Redwoods that will show you the nature of the ever-living redwood tree.

Lucas Pols
136 Saves

Explore Hearst Castle

San Francisco / Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle You always hear about it but rarely do you make the necessary full day stop to visit the castle with Big Sur just around the corner.

Lucas Pols
133 Saves

Hike the RIncon Fire Trail

San Francisco / Rincon Fire Trail

The Rincon Fire Trail Starts at a small dirt parking lot next to CA-9 and traverses down the mountain to the San Lorenzo River Connecting with the Pipeline Trail.

Lucas Pols
132 Saves

Catch a Sunset Overlooking Mussel Rock

San Francisco / Mussel Rock Parking Area

Mussel rock, a three-story, 50 million year old rock that has been carried some 500 miles northwest from Southern California, is where the San Andreas fault meets the Pacific Ocean.

Josiah Roe
126 Saves

Backpack the Bear Valley to Coast Camp Loop

San Francisco / Bear Valley Visitor Center

Permit and Trail Camp Info To stay overnight in Point Reyes, you must stay at one of the Trail Camps.   Camping anywhere else in the park is not allowed.

Jeff Driscoll
124 Saves

Bike Pescadero Creek County Park

San Francisco / Hoffman Flat Trailhead

Pescadero Creek County Park and the connected Sam McDonald and Memorial Park are located deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains holding a vast network of secluded trails.

Jake Young
123 Saves

Run the Mt. Diablo Foothill Loop

San Francisco / Castle Rock Regional Recreation Area

Continue by car down Castle Rock Road until it dead ends at the beginning of the trail. Parking is usually easy to find. If full, there is another overflow lot about 500 ft back the way you came in.

Kim Suarez
122 Saves

Hike Van Damme State Park

San Francisco / Fern Canyon Trailhead

The Fern Canyon Trail system is the main hiking vein of Van Damme State Park.

Lindsey Shea
116 Saves

Hike Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve

San Francisco / Edgewood Park and Nature Preserve

Edgewood Park and Natural Preserve rests in San Mateo County, California. The sweeping hillsides exemplify the true native flora of California, as the foundation of rock and soil is poor in nutrients.

Hike the Dawn Falls Loop

San Francisco / Dawn Falls Loop

Hike down into the Baltimore Canyon for an in-depth exploration into California nature.

Explore Salmon Creek Falls

San Francisco / Salmon Creek Trail, Big Sur

The trailhead to Salmon Creek Falls is located along a pullout just 45 miles south of Pfieffer Burns State Park on the Highway 1. The falls are only about .

Angela Penza
113 Saves

Hike Along the Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail

San Francisco / Half Moon Bay SB

Start at the visitor center along Kelly Avenue. Take note that the day parking fee is $10 in 2016 for each vehicle.

Gene Reyes
113 Saves

Backpack to Pat Springs

San Francisco / Bottchers Gap

Backpacking to Pat Springs is a way to see Big Sur and the San Lucia mountains from a perspective that few get to experience.

Max Berger
112 Saves

Camp Under the Redwoods at Memorial Park

San Francisco / Memorial Park

With old growth redwoods and a creek swimming area, Memorial Park is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area. Memorial Park is only a few miles east of the town of Pescadero.

Jake Young
111 Saves

Camp at Steep Ravine Environmental Campground

San Francisco / Steep Ravine Campground

Gain access through a private locked gate, and descend about 1 mile down to the bluff's edge. There is only parking for 1 car per site and also several cabins that can be rented.

Billy Boockford
110 Saves

Hike the Estero Trail

San Francisco / Estero Trailhead

June sunshine blazes on your shoulders during this scenic stroll through the Point Reyes Seashore. The trail is alive and awash with colorful wildflowers around every corner.

Aja Pete
106 Saves

Hike the Humboldt Redwoods River Trail

San Francisco / Rockefeller Forest Loop Trailhead

You probably won't find as many people along this trail (which I like!) as it's unmarked and sits just south of Rockefeller Loop which draws a good number of visitors, primarily because it has the ta.

Emily Kent
100 Saves

Relax on a Secluded Beach Near Soberanes Point

San Francisco / Soberanes Point - Gate 10

When we stumbled upon this beach we were thrilled to have such great views with no crowds.

Eric Harris
99 Saves

Backpack to King's Peak from Shelter Cove

San Francisco / Black Sands Beach Trailhead

After parking at Shelter Cove and securing a camping permit ($3 per night in the backcountry) follow the bear prints down the coastline for 5 miles, keeping in mind that the tide devours the beach ev.

Aja Pete
97 Saves

Hike through the LandPaths Grove of Old Trees

San Francisco / Grove of Old Trees

The Grove of Old trees is a privately-owned preserve in Western Sonoma County that is open to the public year round.

Tucker Cullen
96 Saves

Hike the Canyon Rim Route in Butano State Park

San Francisco / Jackson Flats Trailhead

Located deep within the Santa Cruz Mountains, Butano State Park boasts a large redwood canyon with many miles of hiking trails as well as campsites.

Jake Young
94 Saves

Hike Red Hill

San Francisco / Pomo Canyon Trailhead

Park in the Shell Beach parking lot, north of Bodega Bay proper but just south of Goat Rock State Beach on Highway 1. Cross the road to pick up the Dr. David C.

Ali Van Houten
90 Saves

Hike or Bike the China Camp Loop

San Francisco / China Camp Loop

Park at the lot in the China Camp State Park. Hop onto the Bay View trail to gain to begin the loop trail. Switchbacks take you up to a long and easy path passing through shaded and open areas.

Catch a Sunset at Bean Hollow State Beach

San Francisco / Bean Hollow SB

There are a bunch of places to photograph this beach if you head north on the trail that runs along the beach.

Lucas Pols
82 Saves

Photograph Trojan Point on Mount Tamalpais

San Francisco / Trojan Point

The endlessly scenic Trojan Point can be reached by taking the Panoramic Highway to Pantoll road from Stinson Beach to the west, or Mill Valley / Highway 1 to the east.

Josiah Roe
81 Saves

Hike and Fish at Nicasio Reservoir

San Francisco / Nicasio Reservoir Pull-Off

Nicasio is a quaint town just inland of the more popular coastal town of Point Reyes.

Josh Currie
79 Saves

Hike to Bear Gulch Reservoir in Pinnacles National Park

San Francisco / Bear Gulch Parking Lot

Start the hike from the Bear Gulch Trail Parking lot.  While pulling in, the trail head is on the left.  The Trail is marked Reservoir, Caves, and High Peaks.

Skyler Hardy
76 Saves

Hike the Año Nuevo and Goat Trail Loop

San Francisco / Año Nuevo Trailhead - Butano SP

This steep and winding trail takes you to the top of a ridge where you can see the Pacific coastline and the redwoods piercing through the forest canopy.

Jake Young
76 Saves

Hike the East Molera Trail

San Francisco / East Molera Trailhead

Housed in Andrew Molera State Park, the East Molera Trail is easily accessible from Highway 1 with parking and restrooms available to hikers. A $10.

74 Saves

Pick Berries at Swanton's Berry Farm

San Francisco / Swanton's Berry Farm

Take a spectacularly scenic drive or bike ride out to this quaint coastal berry farm. Look out onto the shimmering ocean while you pick the ripest and sweetest berries yourself.

izzy sobel
72 Saves

Hike the Rockefeller Forest Loop

San Francisco / Rockefeller Forest Loop Trailhead

From the Avenue of the Giants turn west onto Mattole Road. Continue 1.5 miles to the Rockefeller Forest trailhead. Rockefeller Forest is a less well known grove in Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

Sara Sheehy
69 Saves

Hike through Skyline Wilderness Park

San Francisco / Skyline Wilderness Park

Enter the parking lot just off of Hwy 221. Plan to pay a $5 entrance fee at the kiosk.

Emily Kent
68 Saves

Hike the Waters Ridge Trail

San Francisco / Ewoldsen Trail

Access the Waters Ridge Trail from the Ewoldsen Trail, located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. Although steep, this path is fairly short, and rewards you with spectacular views at the top.

Tori Marsh
66 Saves

Hike the Oat Hill Mine Trail

San Francisco / Oat Hill Mine Trailhead

The incline on this trail begins pretty much right away and is fairly gradual for the entire hike, some of it is quite rocky, making this an easy to moderate level hike.

Elizabeth Annett
62 Saves

Hike Ring Mountain

San Francisco / Phyllis Ellman Trailhead

Ring Mountain Open Space is an easy but uphill trail that take you to the top where you can explore more trails.

Elyse Mercedes
62 Saves

Sail on Monterey Bay

San Francisco / Monterey Bay

Few places along the California coast are perfectly suited for a day of sailing.

Michael Wigle
62 Saves

Hike the Creamery Meadow Trail to Molera Beach

San Francisco / Andrew Molera Parking Lot

Entrance to the parking lot is $10 per car, and once you get in be sure to use the restroom before you head for the trail, since you will likely spend a good amount of time out there.

Sassy Resuello
58 Saves

Bouldering at Ring Mountain

San Francisco / Ring Mountain

Itching to climb outdoors near San Francisco?  With only a quick drive from the city, Ring Mountain is a beautiful nature preserve overlooking the city of San Francisco offering two main rock for.

Chanel Varasteh
52 Saves

Hike the Little Butano Creek Trail

San Francisco / Little Butano Creek Trailhead

This short hike follows Little Butano Creek through a lush redwood forest. The trail crosses the creek multiple times as you walk over redwood pine needles and through pockets of ferns.

Jake Young
52 Saves

Hike the Juniper Canyon, High Peaks, Tunnel Trail Loop in Pinnacles NP

San Francisco / Chaparral Trailhead Parking

Pinnacles National Park is located just over two hours outside of San Francisco (depending on the traffic).

Sonja Saxe
52 Saves

Hike the Old Pinnacle Trail in Pinnacles National Park

San Francisco / Old Pinnacles Trailhead

Start at the Old Pinnacles Trailhead and embark on a roughly 9 mile long adventure surrounded by amazing geological rock formations and natural landscapes. Bask in the peace of nature...

Skyler Hardy
52 Saves

Hike to McClures Beach

San Francisco / McClures Beach Parking

This beach is really easy to get to. Just follow Pierce Point Road until you see the sign to the beach. It's an easy hike down from the parking lot.

Yuriy R
48 Saves

Bikepack Highway 1: Monterey to San Luis Obispo

San Francisco / Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail

Please be aware that this is NOT a route for beginning cyclist. It is a very hilly route and you will be sharing the road with cars for the entire route, the shoulder is sometimes very slim.

Bike the Gordon Valley to Wooden Valley Scramble

San Francisco / Mankas Corner Rd

This is a 13.5 mile loop route in Fairfield, California. The route has a total ascent of 498 feet and has a maximum elevation of 369 feet.

Emily Kent
43 Saves

Explore Navarro Beach

San Francisco / Navarro Beach

Northern California beaches are not your typical soft sand, warm water, grab a surf board type of spots.

Josh Currie
43 Saves

Hike along the Carmel River Beach Trail

San Francisco / Carmel River Beach Trailhead

Known as "Ribera Beach" by locals, this stretch of land nestled between Carmel River State Beach and Monastery Beach is not to be missed! The trails are easy to get to and can be accessed by 4 locati.

Maureen Casey
41 Saves

Bike the Cantelow Climb

San Francisco / Lagoon Valley Park

Begin your ride from Lagoon Valley Park in Vacaville, California. There is a parking lot here if you drive to the start of your ride (the park entrance fee is $3 per vehicle per day).

Emily Kent
34 Saves

Hike Along Mendocino Cliffs Trail

San Francisco / Mendocino Bay

The town of Mendocino is as charming and quaint as one can find. It is no wonder why it was pegged as the perfect location spot to film the series Murder She Wrote.

Mike Quine
33 Saves

Camp at Juniper Campground in Mount Diablo State Park

San Francisco / Juniper Campground

Mount Diablo's summit in Mount Diablo State Park rises to 3,848ft.  Juniper Campground in Mount Diablo State Park is set at approximately 3,000ft in elevation.

Skyler Hardy
32 Saves

Hike the Monte Bello Open Space Preserve Loop

San Francisco / Monte Bello Open Space Parking

This hike is best done in the late fall, winter, and spring so that the creek is running and the hills are green.

Brennan McDonald
32 Saves

Camp at Clear Lake State Park

San Francisco / Clear Lake State Park

Clear Lake State Park is only two hours from downtown San Francisco and Sacramento.

Alex Anderson
31 Saves

Swim at Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area

San Francisco / South Fork Eel River

Driving along Redwood Highway you will see a parking area at the South Eel River Fork.

Backpack to Sky Campground in Point Reyes National Seashore

San Francisco / Sky Trail, Point Reyes

Entering Point Reyes National Seashore from Bear Valley Road the Sky Trailhead is a 4.9 mile drive.  Camping in Sky Camp requires a Camping Permit.  You can get one at Recreation.

Skyler Hardy
30 Saves

Hike the Roys Redwood Preserve Loop

San Francisco / Roys Redwood Preserve

Roy's Redwoods Preserve is an easily missed pocket of Redwoods off Nicasio Valley Road in Marin County.

Lindsey Shea
28 Saves

Hike Peters Creek and Long Ridge

San Francisco / Long Ridge Open Space Preserve Trailhead

From the parking lot, take the connector trail towards the Peters Creek Trail for 0.4 miles. As you descend into a small valley, notice the sound of running water that appears.

Brennan McDonald
26 Saves

Explore the Point Arena Lighthouse and Trail

San Francisco / Point Arena Lighthouse

Point Arena Lighthouse is situated on the piece of land that is the closest to the Hawaiian Islands from the continental United States.

John Maurizi
25 Saves

Hike through the Founder's Grove in Humboldt Redwoods State Park

San Francisco / Founders Grove Nature Trail

The Founder's Grove is easily accessed from Highway 101 in northern California. The grove is also on the Avenue of the Giants Scenic Highway.

Jake Young
24 Saves

Backpack to Coast Camp in Point Reyes via Palomarin Trailhead

San Francisco / Palomarin Trailhead

Spanning from just north of the small town of Bolinas (about an hour north of San Francisco) across Inverness ridge and to the top of Tomales Point, Point Reyes National Seashore is as stunning park .

Noel Clark
23 Saves

Hike in Mount Diablo's Madrone Canyon

San Francisco / Madrone Canyon Trailhead, Mount Diablo State Park

This hike starts at the Rock City area of Mount Diablo State Park. Begin at the Madrone Canyon Trail, hiking southeast towards the Devils Slide trail.

Brennan McDonald
23 Saves

Hike to the Top of Inspiration Point

San Francisco / Palo Corona Regional Park

This magnificent trail was recently converted into part of the Monterey Regional Parks System.

Maureen Casey
22 Saves

Hike Montgomery Woods State Nature Reserve Loop

San Francisco / Montgomery Woods SNR

This is a great find. We saw it on the map it was on the way from Mendocino to our next stop, Napa Valley. So glad we took the time to visit.

John Maurizi
20 Saves

Photograph the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum

San Francisco / North Arboretum Parking

No matter the time you'll decide to visit the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum, you'll have thousands of interesting plants and birds to see and watch.

Anca Apostoaei
18 Saves

Hike the Chinquapin Loop on The Lost Coast

San Francisco / Hidden Valley Trailhead, Lost Coast

I did this hike the day before setting out on a backpacking trip along the northern section of The Lost Coast Trail and it was a fantastic warm up hike.

Mike Servedio
16 Saves

Photograph Monarch Butterflies at Natural Bridges' Monarch Grove

San Francisco / Natural Bridges SB

The park's Monarch Grove provides a temporary home for thousands of Monarchs.

Anca Apostoaei
15 Saves

Hike Stornetta Public Lands

San Francisco / Stornetta Public Lands

Along Point Arena Lighthouse Road there is an access trailhead to Stornetta Public Lands, which is part of the Bureau of Land Management system.

John Maurizi
12 Saves

Hike the Tabor Nature Trail

San Francisco / Taber Nature Trail, Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area

Signs at the trail head for the Tabor Trail state it is 1.1 miles long. That is much shorter than the actual 1.8 miles my GPS put it at. The trail sign also claims it is wheelchair accessible.

John Maurizi
2 Saves

Hike through Wunderlich County Park

San Francisco / Wunderlich County Park

Located in the iconic Silicon Valley town of Woodside, Wunderlich County Park offers a number of hiking trails as well as some horseback riding trails through the wilderness.

Josh Currie
1 Saves