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Exploring the Best of Moab in One Winter Weekend

Moab, Utah

This winter my buddy and I decided to spend a weekend hiking and doing landscape photography around Moab, Utah.

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The Toughest Kind of Photography Is in the Backcountry. Here's Why.

Trudging through rain, sleeping at high altitudes, losing feeling in your extremities, and developing beautiful calves.If I could sum up backcountry photography in a sentence, that would be it.

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Is British Columbia the Perfect Adventure Destination?

British Columbia, Canada

I recently traveled through what seems like half of British Columbia, but after reviewing a map it was realistically maybe a third of the province.

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Fat Girl Hiking: Thoughts and Tips for the Overweight Hiker

Hi, I'm Heather. I'm an overweight 30 year old gal. No, I'm not lazy, nor a couch potato. This is me in the summer of 2017 at Glacier National Park.

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How to Be an Empowered Adventure-Woman

As a young woman, I find myself constantly looking for answers on how to become whole, confident, and empowered. Who’s to say I know “How to Become an Empowered woman”? Truth is, I don’t.

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Get Outside Because You Can

Did your plans to go ski touring fall through because of unstable snow packs? Instead of being disappointed and heading home, be thankful for the ability to make smart decisions and head to your loca.

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5 Trail to Tavern Hikes in Colorado's Front Range


There's nothing sweeter than a day spent in the mountains with friends followed by a delicious meal and a well-earned beer.

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Why Feminism Belongs Outdoors

Unfortunately for us gals, the patriarchy is alive and well in the outdoors.The other day I was looking into buying a new hiking backpack that was specific for toting a camera.

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Leave No Trace Over Likes

I love the early morning view out of my tent. I crave that first glimpse of amber light filtering through the trees or rising on the mountain top as I emerge from my cocoon.

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How to Book Flights Like a Pro

GENERAL TIPS: The biggest thing that will save you money on flights is to be flexible on your dates and timesIf you’re going to fly when everyone else is trying to as well, you’re going to pay more.

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How to Create Sustainable Happiness: Experiences and Relationships

Every morning, we are presented with choices. These choices not only affect who we are but how we are.

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Are We Insta-Destroying Our Wild Places? The Importance of Conservation

I recently read a couple articles on this same subject, one was called "Is Social Media the End of Landscape Photograpy?" by Christian Hoiberg.

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10 Reasons Why Camping Is the Perfect Romantic Date

Today people don't seem to be very creative and the "perfect romantic date" is a candle light dinner and a movie.

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Pros and Cons of Adventuring with a Photographer

I am fully aware of my intentions when I adventure...

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Conservation: Beyond Crucial

When you ask what type of trip people typically want to go on in the US, more often than not you’ll receive the generalized response of “a road trip”. The glorified American road trip.

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A Welcome into Winter Mountaineering on Japan's Mt. Aka-dake


Growing up in Hong Kong in 30 degree Celcius heat and 100% humidity, there was never much need for me to learn any winter mountaineering skills.

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These Necessities Will Turn Your Camping Experience Up To Level 11

There are 10 things every ranger, website, outdoor guidebook, and overzealous camping friend agree upon as the “10 Essentials”–basically a smattering of items that will keep you alive in the event of.

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Explore Cenote Dos Ojos

Tulum, Mexico

This Cenote will be the first recommendation from a local, if you’re looking for the grandeur of the famous Grand Cenote, but minus the crowds.

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Why Hiking Ruined My Dating Life

Relationship status: In a relationship with the trails. That's what my Facebook should say.

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50 of America's Most Scenic Hikes

You’ve just spent the last few hours hiking through the wilderness and you finally arrive at your destination. The view is absolutely stunning, your body is tired, and you’re hungry and thirsty.

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The 7 Stages of Planning Your Next Adventure

1. Deciding You Need Another Adventure; Commence Stalking Travel Destinations Okay, you've decided, you need a vacation. No, you DESERVE an adventure. You work hard.

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Are We Forgetting The Real Reasons We Go Exploring?

Lets face it, social media has taken over how we interact with each other on a day to day basis.

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Why Sunrise Is the Best Time to Explore Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake Ledge, Washington

During the day, Rattlesnake Ledge is one of the most popular hikes within the one hour of Seattle. This means that the parking lot, as well as the road leading to the trailhead, is full of cars.

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Explorer Spotlight: Rachel Davidson

Name: Rachel Davidson  | Age: 26 | Location: Seattle, WA.  What’s your day job?  Copywriter for Outdoor Research.

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