Richard Bacon

Hike to Panther Creek Falls

Carson, Washington

This hidden beauty is just north of Carson, Washington. Watch for Panther Creek campground signs and follow the twisting road about 7 miles to a rock quarry and park there.

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Hike to McClellan Falls

Skamania County, Washington

The trail begins at the end of Forest Service Road 5110. Find the faint path and follow it downstream. A side trail takes you to the 30 ft. Upper Curly Creek Falls.

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Hike to Spirit Falls

Cook, Washington

There are no signs or trail head for the falls, but it's a popular spot for kayakers and photographers, so look for a faint boot path directly from the pulloff on Cook Underwood Road and follow it to.

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Hike to Henline Falls

Lyons, Oregon

The trail is a washed out, old mining road making its way through a lush forest with a mix of ferns, moss covered trees, and towering Douglas Firs with trees blown over from wind storms lining both s.

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Hike to the Opal Creek Pools

Lyons, Oregon

The Opal Creek pools are a wonderful place to visit year-round, but they’re a true oasis on a hot summer day.

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Short Hike to Abiqua Falls

Silverton, Oregon

This trail is unmarked and a little rough and rugged. The land is privately owned by Mount Angel Abbey, but they don't appear to have problems with courteous hikers.

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Hike to Tunnel Falls

Cascade Locks, Oregon

This hike begins at the Eagle Creek Trailhead. This is the same trailhead that goes to popular Punchbowl Falls. The trail to reach Tunnel Falls is 12 miles roundtrip on an out and back trail.

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