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Remember your headlamp

The elevation on this hike makes it a great beginner backpacking trip, with a gradual 1000 feet of elevation gain being spread out over four miles. Make sure to pack extra batteries for your headlamp, or alternative light sources - the desert gets DARK at night and there are a few narrow places on the trail where it'd be easy to take a tumble at night.

Don't miss this photo opportunity

If you have the strength to make it further, I highly recommend continuing south to an incredible viewpoint sitting on a table that overlooks all of Kolob Canyon. Follow the main trail past the Arch until you reach an intersection with Beatty Spring (an awesome year-round water source). Turn right for a short quarter mile up until you reach a plateau clearing marked with a large boulder, and soak up the red-rimmed sandstone views! This will add .75 miles both ways to your trip, making it a 15.5 mile day.

Not for the faint of heart

This is an awesome addition to the Spider Gap Buck Creek Pass Loop east of Glacier Peak, but I would only recommend the summit push for experienced parties comfortable with steep, off-trail travel. When I come back, I'd highly consider heading higher up on Fortress to camp for awe-inspiring views of Glacier Peak and the surrounding area. Please follow Gabe's note on established campsites and campfires!