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5 "stage" waterfall that offers beautiful water and a perfect swimming hole

*Distance and elevation gain are negligible. it is more of a scramble than a hike*

This is a great little spot that has just been opened to the public for the last three years (this was written March of 2019). It is managed by one of the local tribes, so you need to have their guides with you. We didn't make any sort of reservation, just popped in and did the hike. We had two people and got two guides, they were super fun, helped carry the cameras and backpacks, and just in a good mood. There are 5 "stages" to this waterfall. The first one is a pool you can swim and jump in, the second is a bit more of a waterfall with a rock formation, the third is the rock face that you need climb up (there is a rope to help), the fourth is another pool to jump into, and the final is the actual waterfall. Each one of the stages are fun to explore and get in the water, do some photography, and just hang out. 

We were not in any rush and the guides were super patient, not hurrying us along at all, allowing us to enjoy and relax. 

There is an entrance fee, but it is minimal, about $1.10 (USD) or 60 pesos. The addition is that the guides are not working for money, so please TIP YOUR GUIDES. We had Louie and Ernie, loved them. 

Keep driving until you get as close to the falls as you can, if you stop just a little short somebody will charge you for parking, but they will put cardboard over you scooter seat to keep it from becoming unbelievably hot, again, about a dollar to park. 

Bring a dry bag, anything you don't want to take into the falls you can leave at the check in spot, somebody is always there. Otherwise a dry bag to take a camera. Bring shoes you can get wet, and clothes you don't mind swimming in. We just wore board shorts and went shirtless, you are out of the sun for the most part so you don't have to worry about sunscreen on this one. 

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Easy Parking
Family Friendly
Swimming Hole


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