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Cool Spot

Hiked here last spring and loved this little spot. The road was a bit sketchy but was totally worth it.

Planning on doing this in 2 weeks

Thanks for this post. I am looking forward to doing this in a few weeks when I am in the area! How rough is the trail? Just bought a 4x4 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk and am curious if it will make it. Thanks!

Coming Soon!

Planning on heading this way after Christmas! If you have any advice (where to stay, places to see) let me know! Thanks!

Coming Up!

Taking my first trip to the Grand Canyon this December so I will check this place out!

On the List

Good job on this post! I have never heard about this waterfall but plan to check it out! Looks like a nice area.

Adding it to the list

This place looks awesome! Well Done!


Haven't had the chance to do this one yet but it is definitely one I plan on doing soon. Well done!

A Must Do

Definitely one of the most unique waterfalls I've ever visited. Great views from both the top and bottom. Passed it about 3 time before I finally saw the sign though!

Great Waterfall

One of my favorite falls in Arkansas! Ready to get some more rain to get the waterfalls going again.


One of the best bike parks ever! Another reason I love Northwest Arkansas! Great photos

Ready to Explore this area!

I am ready for some rain to explore this area soon! Thunder Canyon falls has been on my list for a while now! Keep up the good work buddy!

Awesome Pictures

I am planning a trip to the PNW soon and just added this to my list of things to do! Nice photos!

Bucket List

This is probably the waterfall that I am looking forward to seeing the most once we get a good rain. Gotta love that it's the tallest waterfall between the Appalachians and the Rockies! How is that hike out? I've heard that the hike out form the falls is pretty intense! Good post buddy!


This is one of the falls that I have marked in my Arkansas Waterfall Book! I have seen a lot of pictures of this poster and it is on my list for this spring when we get some rain. Thanks for posting!


This was a last minute decision for me one afternoon this last spring when we had all the rain. I wasn't expecting the area to be so gorgeous! This is one that I will definitely be going back to. Great pics!


This is one of my favorite last-minute day hikes. Very easy access and provides some great views! Great post!