Parker Burkett


Please be careful in this area. There has been a growing homeless population in this area. Last year I was taking my camera gear out of my car, parked right next to the fire station when I was attacked by a man with a metal pipe. He luckily missed three of his swings and I was able to get out of the way. After he backed me away from my car, he ran back and stole one of my luggage bags and ran away with it yelling. The police did nothing unfortunately, and didn't even look for him despite getting there within 2 minutes. I was on edge for the rest of the night photographing the bridges.... Please be careful, and make sure you're paying attention AT ALL TIMES to your surroundings down there.


This was extreme. Gate was closed just after Nooksack Falls, so get ready for a 5.4 mile hike to get to the parking area for Sholes Creek. There is a large section of road that has fallen into the creekbed below making it impassable for cars. The bridge crossing just below Sholes Creek Falls has a section washed out. The bushwhacking is a little intense. We had to attempt several different ways due to "trail" really being non-existent. Best way we found, was to stay a little ways to the left off the cliff, and once to the top start down. BE VERY CAREFUL, this was crazy steep and loose. Making the wrong move could cause a slide and you would not be in a good place if that happened, it's extremely steep. Once you work your way down, there are a couple places to stop and set up. It was a downpour while we were there, so I only set up in one, as we didn't want a slide. Next time I'll be bringing ropes to get to the bottom. This is not a hike for animals or kids. Also, if you attempt to work your way up from the bottom, you can't make it to the falls. You'll encounter a section after a few log dams that the water is too heavy and the walls are vertical rock. I would not advise trying to pass this. If you find other ways, please add to this. I would like to go back for another couple angles, but this is definitely an epic waterfall.