Photograph a Sunset at Secret Beach

21730-21840 Oregon Coast Highway - Search Nearby - Added by Julie & Brian

Secret Beach might not be much of a secret anymore, but it is a fantastic spot to catch a sunset along the Oregon Coast.

The trailhead to Secret Beach is not marked, but if you know what to look for, it is easy to spot. If you are heading northbound on Highway 101, the turnout is just past the Natural Bridges Viewpoint on the left. There will most likely be other cars there, which can be helpful for finding the location. The turnout does not have much parking, so be sure to arrive early.

The trail to the beach is just off the side of the road. Be sure to tread carefully, as there were some very slippery sections of rock on our descent. Along the short trail, there are a few offshoots to explore the nearby Miller Creek, as it cascades down the hillside and erupts into a small waterfall on the sand.

If the tide is low, there is a small cave on the right side of the beach which can help you create some interesting compositions.

This beach is pretty popular, so if you want to create a people-free  image, you will need to bring a tripod and create a composite. On our visit, there seemed to be a constant rotation of people standing on one of the rocks.  



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