Climb Needle Rock above Lost Creek Lake

Peyton Bridge Trailhead, Prospect, Oregon, United States

  • Activities:

    Hiking, Rock Climbing

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  • Season:

    Year Round

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  • RT Distance:

    0.6 Miles

  • Elevation Gain:

    600 Feet

Easy Parking
Family Friendly

Just a short, steep climb to a southern Oregon landmark!

Many travelers see the window in the rock as they drive down Crater Lake Highway toward Lost Creek Lake. What many don't know however, is that the point is easily accessible to the able-bodied and makes for a great photo opportunity.  Immediately before (or after) crossing Peyton bridge, depending on what direction you're coming from, turn onto Lewis Road and park at the Peyton Bridge Trailhead. There is an outhouse, signage, and a path to a trail that goes alongside the lake.

But what you need to direct your attention toward is the steep hill immediately behind you. There is no trail but if you make your way to the top of this outcropping, you are rewarded with a neat view and some cool rock formations. Use-trails and deer trails point you in the right direction as you make your way straight up the soft dirt mountain. It's steep enough that you may need to use your hands so you might want to bring a pair of gloves and shoes with good tread.

Long pants and sleeves are a must in the summer months if you are allergic to poison oak, as the plants dot the entirety of this climb. Once you reach the top, circle the base of the rock outcropping on the east face, the west leads to a drop off. After a couple dozen yards you'll come to the cool window that looks through the rock. Some say the hole was much smaller to begin with and was carved out by an early settler of the area, some say it's completely natural. Either way, enjoy!   

Pack List

  • Long pants and sleeves if you are allergic to poison oak
  • Gloves and shoes with good grip
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No "trail", Unavoidable Poison Oak, Super Steep With Cliffs... a true "adventure"! When I did it, I told myself I would never do it again... and I like backwoods and hiking. The poison oak you can not avoid made it miserable... you just know what's coming for sure in the next couple days and think about it the whole time... also, I'm normally good at directions and came down a different way than going up, even when trying to go the same way. My husband got me to go again, but even he didn't make it up. And he got poison oak so bad he had to go on steroids. Before then, he could rub the plant on him and not get it. Guess it was just way too much exposure. Do it if you feel you need to, but it's not really worth it. The hole is tiny too, possibly big enough to sit in, but a cliff on one side of the hole, so kind of scary. The top of the hike, on the rocky part was fun, just not the rest of it. Even up there you climb through poison oak bushes..

8 months ago
8 months ago

Chaz Shand

Speed mountaineer based in the State of Jefferson!

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