Crestline, California

Hike the Heart Rock Trail

1.8 Miles Total - Out-and-Back Trail

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This short hike allows you to view an extremely unique rock cut out in the shape of a heart within the San Bernadino Forest.

This short but nice hike near Crestline, CA in the San Bernadino Forest is one for the whole family. Although finding the trailhead/parking lot can be a bit confusing, it is definitely worth it. 

Driving in from the Inland Empire/LA Area, follow The Rim of the World Trail (SH18) until you see the turnouff for Crestline. Exit on SH138 and continue along that road anonther 4-5 miles. You will continue through the small mountain town of Crestline before you see a sign for Camp Seely*. The small one-way looking road directly to the right of the Camp Seely sign is where you turn into. This small road follows along the outskirts of the camp. There are some directional signs on the front gate of the camp directing you left for Heart Rock Trail parking. The first dirt area off to the right after you cross over a small creek is the main trailhead parking area. If you miss it you can also continue on the small road a couple hundred yards until the you come across a gate that blocks off the road, where there is additional parking and a smaller trailhead that leads to the main trail. Note: There are multiple websites that state different things about signage for the trail, but as of July 2017 we did not see any signage for the actual trailhead, we just followed our map.

The trail cuts through a beautiful pine forest while following along a creek down a small embankment. This is a heavily populated trail, so there are lots of different paths that veer off the trail, but they all merge right back into the main trail. There are lots of rocks and tree roots along the trail so make sure you watch your footing. When the trail begins to incline for 25 yards or so, you will begin to curve to the right heading in the direction of the Heart Rock view point. There are multiple overlooks to see the Heart Rock and the 25ft waterfall just to the right of the rock. You can also gain acces to the heart by climbing down to the right of the overlooks and hopping over some rocks to get to the other side of the creek. 

*Fun Fact: Camp Seely is where part of the Lindsay Lohan version of The Parent Trap was filmed!  

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Cute short trail

Beautiful, quick and a nice beginner trail. Some areas can be rocky, loose dirt and trees. The home takes you into the woods and follows a bedrock to the location. You'll know you've made it once you see the big broken heart rock. Below is the heart rock.


This is one of my favorite places to go to

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