Explore the Best Locations in Lofoten in Winter

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Added by Cat Ekkelboom-White

No daylight and no time? You can still visit these amazing spots on a short road trip in the Lofoten Islands.

Visiting Lofoten during the polar winter, the sun doesn't rise, so you'll want to make the most of the short hours of daylight if you want to visit the best spots.

We only had a long weekend for our trip, so we spent most of our time exploring the area between Leknes and Å.

Even though we are experienced hikers and ski tourers, we had read that conditions could change rapidly due to being on the ocean, so we decided that to see as much as possible during our trip, our best option was to hire and car and do a road trip instead of trying to see things on foot.

If your time (and the daylight hours are limited), it's definitely best to plan ahead so you know where you're going to head every day. These are the top 3 places I recommend visiting:

1. The Fishing Village Museum in Å This perfectly preserved fishing village shows how life in the Lofoten Islands used to be (not that so much has changed since). But it's a great place to see the wooden cabins and boats out on display.

2. The Yellow Cabins of Sakrisøy Set in the most photographed area of Lofoten, I love the complementary colours of the yellow houses and the blue tones of the water and the sky.

3. Hamnøy Rorbuer When most people say they want to visit Reine in the Lofoten Islands, what the usually are picturing are the iconic Hamnøy Rorbuer, the red cabins with the mountains in the background. The iconic photograph that most people know of these is taken from the bridge between the two islands. There is a footpath, so it's safe to park before the bridge, and walk across to setup your tripod for a few photos.

Driving in the winter, the roads are mostly covered in ice, which is quite nerve-wracking when you first pick up the hire car (if you've not driven on ice before). But all cars are fitted with studded tyres, so you soon realise that you can drive pretty much as normal. The road is mostly two-lanes, with a few bridges, with speed limits being around 80kph in most places where it's open road.

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