Hike to Trolltunga

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A breathtaking hike through the Norwegian Fjords featuring one of the world's greatest photo ops.

To reach the trail from national road 13, turn eastward in Tyssedalen towards Hardangervidda, and drive about 7 km on the narrow road up Skjeggedal. It is best to get there as early as possible as the parking lot fills up completely by 8am, and tour buses usually arrive by 9am. Up to 500 people do this hike every day; it is often very busy especially during the summer. The first 1km consists of very steep rock steps installed by the sherpas of Mount Everest, there are ropes to guide your climb at certain sections but for the most part it is a tought start. Over half of the total elevation is gained in the first 1km, and you are at the full elevation of 1200m by the 4.3km mark coming out of the valley, making this a very challenging section of the hike. There is the option to camp out around this point and make it a two day backpacking trip. Many people drink water straight out of the streams along the way, however that is up to your own discretion. It is approximately 11km to Trolltunga (translates in english as "troll's tongue) rock, and along the way you'll enjoy beautiful views of the Norwegian Fjords, including a stunning river valley and lake views around the 9km mark. The trail is primarily rock, with some dirt trail sections and small creek crossings. It is absolutely not recommended to attempt this hike in the rain, due to the fact that some smooth rock sections can be slippery even when dry, especially the rock stairs going down the last kilometer. Be prepared for sudden changes in temperature and strong winds once you are up out of the valley. The round trip usually takes 7 to 10 hours depending on skill level and how busy the trail is, however you'll add quite a bit of time waiting in line for that perfect photo op. Around noon, the line may only be 45 mins long, but within the next few hours going into early afternoon there can be up to a 2.5 hour wait. Many inexperienced hikers attempt Trolltunga to have their picture taken on the world famous rock, but don't let this be deceiving as it truly is a challenging trip and a test of fitness, it is important to be physically prepared in order to have a great experience. A concession/gift shop is located at the trail head, and you must pay for parking. This hike is truly a once in a lifetime experience and well worth the trek!

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