15 Photos of Otherworldly Cappadocia, Turkey

For years I have dreamed of visiting Cappadocia. Every mention from books to blogs praised this beautiful landscape, but it wasn't until our own visit did we truly believe all the hype.

Situated in the heart of ancient Anatolia, in modern Turkey, Cappadocia's history begins thousands and thousands of years ago. Mount Erciyes and two smaller volcanoes erupted, blanketing the entire plateau in ash. The ash then turned to tuff, the rock found in Cappadocia. Erosion took its turn and created the dramatic vistas, intricate patterns, and unique shapes seen today. Much more recently, "only" being a thousand years ago, Christians fled into this landscape to hide from Arab raids and attacks. Here they carved numerous rock-cut churches that still stand today, leaving behind a cultural testament to this unique geologic landscape. In the modern world, Cappadocia is perhaps Turkey's premier destination, attracting visitors from around the globe for its geologic oddities and historical significance. Without further ado, here are 15 photos of this legendary landscape in Central Turkey.

Published: November 6, 2018

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Kevin McFarland

San Diego

In search of Earth's Last Shangrila. From East to West and everywhere in between, I explore sanctuaries, tell stories, and photograph nature's humble abode.

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