Hike to the Ballroom Overhang

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A great alternative to the Fox river caves, this fun and wet walk leads you under a huge natural and stunning overhang!

The first part of the walk is the same as the Fox river caves. You'll find a great description in this adventure: Hike to the Fox River Caves.
As you don't go in the caves, our journey begins at the big river crossing. 

Of course, you'll need to be careful and use your own judgement when you cross the river. Reach the other side of the river at the small rocky beach. After the crossing, you'll be back in the bush which follow the river (on your left hand side). Continue to follow the orange triangles but pay attention : some part of the trail are damaged due to landslides.

Then, you'll have to cross the river a second time. The first time was easy, this second time is more tricky. The current is stronger. Try to find the best place to cross. We decided to cross at the big orange triangle, straight to the rocky beach in front of us.
After the crossing, we followed the river along the beach and after 100m, the river comes from the left. Pay attention on the very left to find a DOC sign hidden in the entrance of the bush. This is the last sign we found.

Now you just have to go up the river. Just follow up the river ! Do not go left even if a path or some footprints seem to go there. Keep following the main river. You'll have to cross it another couple of time, but it's not a problem as the river is very low on this part (but it may be cold !). The entrance to see the overhang will be hidden on your left hand side. You'll find a DOC sign and a big orange triangle to help you.
It takes almost 3 hours to go there, as the river crossing takes time. Don't cross if you think it's too dangerous. Take your time, it may be slippery. If the weather changes and it starts to rain, go back. The river can flood quickly.

You're going back with the same way. Try to cross at the same place. 

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