Climb Mt. Cloudsley

8.7 miles 3937 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

Added by Tobin Akehurst

Explore a beautiful range of mountains without the aid of a trail! A fantastic day trip with spectacular views. Not to be missed in winter! 

Park at the Hogsback Trailhead in Castle Hill Village. Follow the Hogsback trail by staying to the right at both upcoming "Y" intersections. Once you reach the bush edge, Long Spur and Mt Cloudsley come into view. Break off from the trail aiming for the toe of Long Spur. Then climb along the crest of the spur until you reach the summit. Return the way you came.

Also a great ski touring route!

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about 1 year ago

My Cloudsley

Demanding climb but not technical You may carry in to my Eynes but know sunset time

My mountain.

Hello - if you are the administrator of this site please spell the name correctly, Its Cloudesley, not Cloudsley :) Thanks.

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