Eagle Bay, New York

Hike Billy's Bald Spot

1 Miles Total - 54 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

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This is a short trek back into the woods around Big Moose Lake, near Eagle Bay. There is a lean-to, a charming view, remnants of a once-standing latrine, and a (somewhat) hidden pond.


The trailhead for this rather basic hike is located on the northwest side of Martin Road near Big Moose Lake. To get here, one first must venture to Eagle Baynear Old ForgeIf coming into town from the east, the first turn is onto Big Moose Road just past the town post office and on the right (if coming in from the west, well... if you pass the post office you've gone too far!). Following Big Moose Road to its end you will come to a "T". Hang a right onto Martin Roadand follow the pavement for a little under a mile (~0.7).  In terms of parking, there isn't anything canonical in proximity; the side of the road is your best bet. The trail opening is unmarked, on the left side. Within the first 3-5 meters you should see the first of many yellow arrows which are intermittently dispersed, and act as directional trail markers.

Trail to Bald Spot

The trail to the look-out is extremely short, so in turn, the elevation change is abrupt, making the trail quite steep in certain segments, though very manageable. On a rainy and wet spring day, when trail conditions anywhere can be counted on to be subpar, the descent can be tricky. Careful and patient footing make for safe treks both up and down. The trail is adequately marked, and there is very little, if any, cause for confusion or disorientation. One will emerge at the extended bisector of the lean-to's back-left vertex (looking from behind). Venturing off to the southwest from the point of emergence, the fallen latrine will come into view, while continuing on in front of the lean-to there is a parting in the trees, allowing for a view of Big Moose Lake. There is a fire pit, also forward of the lean-to, and a pan: practically begging for some oatmeal to be cooked within. 

Trail to Squash Pond

The trail to Squash Pond is located directly behind the decaying outhouse corpse, though it can prove difficult to follow at times, as it is unmarked and guised in a variety of flora. Be vigilant near the very beginning, as the trail insidiously sneaks off to the left, while also appearing to continue straight. If you find yourself trampling a swath of shining clubmoss, you have more than likely been mislead.  This path is not maintained with any determination, and as such, debris has managed to build, creating obstacles which hamper both navigation and negotiation. 

Nearing the trail's end, you might arrive at a small brook. If you are at its edge, you have actually gone too far (or maybe you haven't... it's all relative, is it not?)! The trail to the pond curves up and off to the right approximately 4 meters before reaching the brook. Here, you will find a canoe, and inside, two paddles (one of which has had a portion of it cleanly split off). The canoe is in tip-top condition and does not appear to leak. Squash pond is riddled with fallen timber and rock set just below the surface, so do exercise caution when paddling. 

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