Shiprock, New Mexico

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An ancient volcanic structure which features the throat of a volcano (rising almost 1,600 feet above the surrounding area); and a long, narrow dike (think HUGE wall) which is often over 30 feet high.

Shiprock (or Ship Rock) in New Mexico. I was here on April 11, 2018. This is an amazing geological feature of Northwestern New Mexico on the Navajo Reservation. Shiprock is what's left of an ancient volcano. Most of the volcano has eroded. The harder throat area has survived. Lava flowed out into a crack between previous flows making a dike or a rill. Here the older formations also eroded, exposing the dike as a long, narrow wall stretching to the south. A few month after my visit, the Navajo tribal government severely restricted access to area around Shiprock and the Dike, unless you get permission. There is a paved road (Indian Service Route 13, off of US 491) to get close to the southern entrance. After that, it is dirt roads. How far you are allowed to walk or drive on the dirt roads are depending on the Navajos. You can easily view it all on ISR 13, though. Be extra careful during rainy or snowy weather. There are no nearby by services or water, except in the town of Shiprock. Below is my personal video about Shiprock and the Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness area.

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