Hike Mount Tammany's Red Dot and Blue Dot Loop

3.3 miles 1197 ft gain  - Loop Trail

Added by Jeff Henderson

Gain 1,250ft for scenic views of the Delaware Water Gap.

Mount Tammany located in the Delaware Water Gap is a very exciting hike. Short in length but with steep, rocky uphill portions this becomes more of a challenging trek. This hike allows for amazing views of the Delaware River, Route 80, and Mount Minsi on the other side. The summit makes for an awesome place to watch the sun set over the Kittatinny Mountains.

Start off by parking at the designated parking lot off of Route 80. Look for the signs that read "Dunnfield Creek Appalachian Trail" on Route 80 that will inform you on when to exit. From this parking lot look for the large brown sign that reads Mt. Tammany Trail.

Hop on the Mt. Tammany Trail, also known as the red dot trail, and begin your adventure. The trail is well marked but keep an eye out for the markers to be on trees, rocks, roots, stumps... About 0.5 miles into the hike you will reach your first scenic overlook. From this spot you will see the the summit on your left, where you will eventually end up. Mount Minsi will be on your right and going through the center is the Delaware River.

The next mile of the trail winds through some pretty steep rocky uphill portions. Take your time winding through the rocks and over them until you reach the top where the trails levels off. Once you get past this part you will soon reach another scenic overlook.

From this second overlook you have a short hike on the trail to the summit. Once you reach the summit you will be given great views of the surrounding mountains, river, and if lucky some hawks. 

From the summit you will have access to the Blue Trail that will take you a more gradual way down the mountain but will add a little length onto your hike. If you decide to take the Blue Trail back down the mountain remember, when this trail ends merge onto the white-blazed Appalachian Trail that will take you back to the parking lot. By taking this route your hike will total 3.3 miles.

If you want to simply head back the way you came, follow the same (Mt. Tammany via Red Dot) trail back down to get back to the parking lot. Careful returning through the rocky portions.

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A difficult hike with great views!

Pay your dues to Mt. Tammany, one of the most famous hikes and mountains in the Delaware Water Gap. The blue dot is pretty strenuous, but nothing unreasonable. Be sure to go to Hot Dog Johnny's on the way home if you're heading south!

Nice View of the Delaware

Climbed this with my family while visiting a few years ago. Definitely strenuous, some points we felt like we had to climb! Fun trail though, and nice views at the top!

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