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This is a very scenic place, it is home of the largest waterfall in Missouri (not in height but in overall size). It is extremely accessible and is located less than 15 minutes from Joplin, Missouri's downtown.

There really isn't much adventure in getting to the Grand Falls, because you could drive within 100 feet of it. Depending on when you go (season, day of the week, weather) will determine how easy it will be to park. But there is always some available every time i have gone.

The best times to go see this depend on what you want to do there.

For photography: I try to go on overcast days because less people are around, and it allows me to easily capture the waterfall in a long exposure that gives the water a milky look, and it helps to give water a more blue color. However if it has rained recently the water will be very brown because of the dirt that has been picked up by the increased current of the river, so always check on that if you are making the trip out here.

For swimming the weekends are always a great time to come, especially during the summer when it is so hot and humid here, the falls offer a great swimming hole. There are lots of local people that love to come swim here and even jump off the falls in certain spots, but I would not recommend jumping off the falls because I witnessed a young kid jump in and injure himself pretty severely. However there is an area about 100 feet down stream from the falls that offers a place where there is little current so this is a common place to bring children.

Personally I have not fished at this location, but I always see people fishing here and more often then not they are catching fish. I have seen, perch, blue gill, and bass caught just off the falls. One man took a kayak across the river to the opposite bank and was wading around in the shallow part of Shoal Creek that faces the falls and he caught several decent size bass.

If you are looking to chill and take in the scenery, I recommend coming at night when it is dark because there is something special about seeing Grand Falls at night. It is amazing to just come and hang out for an hour or so and just take in the falls in the dark while hanging out with friends. Just be careful because you are only permitted to be at the falls until 9:00PM so don't stay too late.

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Fall into Fun

Grand Falls is an enjoyable adventure; lively enough for just about anyone and everyone to appreciate. This specific location is easy to access. The activities to partake in at this scene are endless. You can climb around on the rocks and wade in the water while feeling the rush of cold crisp water between your toes. Many locals love to come out here on a sunny day. They fish, swim, and picnic within the Grand Falls area. Be sure to bring a camera along for it is a sure sight to see.

Dope Place

any one around the Joplin area knows this place. Nail right on the head with this article

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