Maura Downey

Not For The Faint Of Heart, But Worth It!

We backpacked in for 1 night; hiking up the dunes past the day use area is steep and arduous, especially packing in all the gear/water. However, watching the sun set on the dunes was 100% worth it. Sleeping on the dunes was also fantastic and unlike any other camping experience. Otherworldly for sure! Also keep any eye out for wildlife- there were a surprising amount of fresh tracks in the morning.

Wildflowers Galore

Beautiful hike up- good for a group with varied levels of fitness. Went on this hike about 2 weeks ago; the lake is pristine- and not as cold as some other alpine lakes- bring your bathing suit if you want to take a dip!

over 3 years ago


Absolutely gorgeous- both en route and at sky pond