about 3 years ago


I hiked this last year during the summer and it was great, a very short hike! Breathtaking views at the top - we went right before a storm hit and the clouds were so close and low! it was stunning! go try this hike, when you get the the top it’s like the air conditioner turns on!


I hiked this last year and just now reviewing it. Very awesome hike, highly recommend - great for photo shoots!

about 3 years ago

Devils B-Tub

Very Very treacherous hike! if you are a frequent hiker this will be awesome for you, if not - your in for a hard hike! yes it is short distance, but there is rock climbing, creek crossing and wall propelling! Be prepared to get your feet wet!!!!! IT IS VERY SLICK, wear good shoes and not anything open, like sandals. very pretty hike and looks as pictured - water is very cold. The hike is very shady/cool too, not much sun seeks through so it’s not very hot. definitely recommend taking a good camera also for neat shots!

cave at mccoy

awesome! very hard to keep up with when you arrive, look across the road and there will be a faint trail! very muddy so wear good shoes! BRING FLASHLIGHTS & it’s tight inside cave so be careful!