Cowiche Canyon Guest House

Yakima, Washington

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This unique home offers a break from the ordinary. It's full of resources for gardeners, activists, artists, herbalists, cooks, dreamers and visionaries. Kick back, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine from next door, and relax.

People choose The Cowiche Canyon Guest House to enjoy authentic wilderness experiences, charming rustic décor, breathtaking views, inviting B&B atmosphere, fresh, locally sourced food, 5-star hospitality, rugged landscapes, friendly conversation, and so much more. Everyone visits with their own adventure in mind, so we provide a versatile, nature-focused experience to share everything the environment has to offer.

This perfectly located destination is situated in a rural countryside oasis where it's secluded enough to feel divorced from the hustle and bustle of city life while also being conveniently located just minutes from many local stores, restaurants, and attractions. Our house is also far enough to ensure your privacy but close enough that we can come immediately if you need anything.

This makes it perfectly suited for anyone looking to enjoy nature, spend some time alone, reconnect with family, or cultivate creativity. Take advantage of our farm fresh, homegrown, and homemade foods along with our natural, handcrafted, plant-based products to help you unwind.

While we love to cultivate our gardens, we're even more enthusiastic about cultivating a community of people with common goals and values. Yakima Beach is a Permacultural collective focused on ethical and sustainable living. Here, people can come together, surrounded by the wonders of nature, to truly enjoy all it has to offer and share their passion for preserving it.

We host events for gardening, cooking, homesteading, craft workshops, and more to share our knowledge and skills with the community and promote sustainability and ethical practices. If you have a knowledge base or skill set that would be of interest to our community, feel free to contact us about sharing it in exchange for a reduced rate.

Come join us in the Washington wilderness where the majestic scenery, peaceful atmosphere, and friendly rescue animals will help you get in touch with nature and yourself. Take a stroll through the orchards or down to the vineyard for some wine and enjoy the rejuvenating effects of indulging in the finer things that nature has to offer.


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