Backcountry Nitro: Female Duo Launches Canned Cold-Brew

A brew as rowdy as your friends, and smooth as the dickens.

Boulder-based friends Jenny Verrochi and Alyssa Evans are on mission to launch a canned cold-brew that's "as rowdy as your pals". Inspired by their adventurous friends and Verruchi's family history of coffee, they launched Backcountry Nitro this week on Kickstarter, a nitro cold-brew with added goji berries for a boost of vitamin-rich antioxidants.

Jenny has been slinging coffee since ‘97 in New England with her family business, Red Barn Coffee Roasters. Shortly after moving west, she combined her coffee knowledge with her love for the outdoors, and began perfecting the Backcountry Nitro recipe. Evans came onboard as the perfect partner on the design side, having previously worked with companies like Horizon Organic, Silk Milk, and Stōk Cold-Brew. And I gotta say, the branding is on-point.

I had the chance to take the brew for a test drive on several adventures this fall, and the verdict is good. The nitro + goji berries and cacao make for a remarkable smooth drinking experience. It lacks some of the bitterness/system shock that sometimes comes with other brews. The fact that it comes in a can vs. a glass bottle make it much easier to throw in a pack for those early morning missions. Capping it all off, the cans look awesome (as a designer, I'm a sucker for fun branding).

With their Kickstarter, the duo hopes to raise funds to ramp up canning and production to get their first brew "Double Black" in the hands of more coffee-lovers.

Learn more (and watch the awesome video) on their Kickstarter page or their official website.

Published: November 28, 2018

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