Student Nurse from Alberta, Canada, a beautiful place that I am so fortunate to live in. Experiencing the outdoors close to home as well as abroad has been extremely rewarding, and I'm excited to share the highlights...

Hike to Reykjadalur Hot Springs

2.4 Miles Round Trip - 682.4 ft gain

Hike to Allstones Lake

3.1 Miles Round Trip - 2165.4 ft gain

Hike to Bourgeau Lake

9.3 Miles Round Trip - 2329.4 ft gain

Hike Coliseum Mountain, Alberta

8.1 Miles Round Trip - 2250 ft gain

Hike to the South Summit of Mount Akrafjall

13 Miles Round Trip - 1814.3 ft gain

Hike to the Mount Floyen View Point

4.3 Miles Round Trip - 1050 ft gain

Hike to Trolltunga

13.7 Miles Round Trip - 3937 ft gain