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Women's Outdoor Clothing Guide Summer 2018

Get dirty and look great.

Curated by The Outbound Collective

We asked our Explorers to share their favorite women's summer clothing. Check out their go-to's and get ready to stock up for your own summer adventures! 

Cover photo: Holly Mandarich

Katie Yarborough says: The go-to shoe, when I'm not in hiking boots. Showering shoes, water shoes, walking around the camping area shoe. Perfect for letting your babies air out after hiking all day.

Rachel Bertsch says: Great traction, super light, dry quick, perfect for long trips like cycle touring where you want to hike too.

Allison Herreid says: This jacket is the perfect lightweight layer for chilly camp mornings or breezy summits. Blocks the wind well while still being breathable. Stretchy, comfortable, and looks great worn around town, too. My new favorite!

Clare Healy says: This multi-functional headband, neckgaitor, hair-tie, whatever you dream it up to be truly does it all. From hiking in the morning sun to trail running in midday heat, the UV buff will keep you covered, will mop up your sweat, and so much more. I keep these things in every bag and nook so there is always one within reach.

Jess Fischer says: Outdoor Voices has become my one stop shop for my summer hiking, running and backpacking clothes. Their sizes are true and fit snug against you, all the pieces are lightweight and everything is made eco friendly. They are also incredibly durable, holding up to branches, rocks, dirt and whatever else you may be running by/climbing on. Also, OV are all about inclusivity when it comes to getting outside and being active.

Tylyn Cullison says: It's light weight but keeps you warm and dry!

Tylyn Cullison says: Great for hiking, especially through water and unstable terrain. The keens have been the most comfortable sandals I've found

Brynn Schmidt says: I wear these all winter and then pack them whenever I am hiking, backpacking or camping in summer. Super lightweight and packable and very warm.

Sara Sheehy says: These shoes are comfortable, have sticky soles, don't fall apart, and can stand up to life in a van. What more could one need?

Sonja Saxe says: It may be summer but nights in the mountains can still be chilly! I always bring this jacket on my backpacking trips to keep me cozy at camp.

Sonja Saxe says: I love prAna gear and these are my go-to shorts for summer hikes and backpacking trips. They're super comfy, look good, AND their pockets actually fit things!

Breanne McNitt says: They are my go-to shoe. It’s either bedrocks or barefeet for me during the summer. Even when breaking them in, they’ve never given me blisters and the vibrum soles feel like suction cups on the bottom of my feet. From walking downtown, to backpacking, these shoes can do it all.

Karissa Frye says: These shoes live up to their "fly" name with their stylish design. They are also ridiculously comfortable and lightweight. I wear these shoes almost everyday so I'm always ready for an unplanned hike!

Clare Healy says: Because they go everywhere, do everything, can take it all, and are so comfortable. Plus, don't get me started on the patterns they have going on.

Katie Yarborough says: Have to keep that protection against blisters, while regulating the heat buildup in the summer.

Haley Baker says: I am O B S E S S E D with the velcro straps. One of my biggest issues with other sandals is that I can never get the fit quite right, and once I do I am constantly worried I'm going to mess it up. Velcro is the perfect solution - I can easily adjust it for whatever I need (I like them a little looser when I'm around camp and I can quickly make it bigger to wear with socks when it's chilly!).

Emily Kent says: These shorts are so very lightweight and perfect for hiking in hot temps! And they're CUTE too! =)

Kaila Walton says: Sanuk's Chiba Quests are super comfortable summer shoes, available in both Canada and USA. Good for short walks, casual wear, and beaches.

Christina Warburg says: Summer in Zion means one thing: monsoon season. This jacket manages to keep me dry but cool during our hot summer monsoons. I can't say enough good things about it!

Julie Boyd says: Hiking pants with a drawstring waist...where have these been all my life?! Seriously, though, I picked up my first pair last summer and it's like hiking in pajamas. Plus they are quick-drying and lightweight.

Michelle Olmstead says: The Alois is moisture-wicking and perfect for running.

Tiffany Young says: Say goodbye to those $2 pieces of rubber and make a little upgrade! Treat yo'self and give your feet some lovin' with these awesome sandals. Great cushioning for the balls and heel of your feet, much needed arch support, and great traction - AKA Reef's Swellular technology. Flip flops are a staple piece of summer footwear, so get the classic slim flip-flop look with a side of comfort! These are worth the extra $$$.

Tiffany Young says: Everyone needs that go-to pair of shorts and these are literally the perfect pair. Simple, comfortable, and made with awesome TNF FlashDry technology for fast and easy drying! With a wide waist band and a stretchy drawcord, these fit comfortably on the waist. Whether you're a traveler looking for the most versatile pair of shorts or just someone looking for a pair of shorts that can go with everything... this is what you're looking for. Oh, and there's an extra low-key zip pocket on the front that I use it for things like a key and money. Who doesn't love pockets?!

Michelle Olmstead says: Cute and functional! Mesh back for breathability, adjustable fit, and a wide bill to protect your face from the sun.

Michelle Olmstead says: This has been my go-to shirt for summer adventures for three years now. It's lightweight, breathable, and wicks moisture like crazy. It proved it's worth on a hike through a rainforest in Hawaii with 100% humidity. After our hike it was dry by the time we got back to the car!

Michelle Olmstead says: For those of us who need a wider toe box, Keens are the way to go. This shoe has incredible grip, stability, and is truly waterproof but incredibly breathable. I've never felt hot in these shoes.