Women's Backcountry Skiing: The Kit of Your Dreams

Whether slaying massive Alaskan spines or stomping deep pillow stacks, this is my go-to gear for shredding the backcountry.

Curated by Lexi Dupont

When backcountry skiing, it's all about staying warm and having the proper gear can really make or break it for you. Function over fashion but with this kit you kill two birds with one stone. Here’s what you’ll need to look good and handle any weather Mother Nature blows your way.

Telemetry Freeride Jacket


I wear the Telemetry Freeride Jacket every day! She's a member of my every day routine: breakfast tea, brush my teeth, put on my Telemetry. No matter the weather conditions I wear it! On cold days I layer up underneath and on warm spring days it’s all you need. She's my shred buddy and best friend!

Smith Allure Helmet - Women's


The helmet goggle combo may be the single most important piece of equipment I wear. First of all helmets are cool and they save your life and without goggles how in the world would I see where I am going. The Allure from Smith is so comfortable and light weight. It’s simply the most progressive and effective technology on the market and makes every day outside more enjoyable.

Speedlink Ski Pole


Collapsible poles are a must when in the Backcountry. This 4-piece ski pole can extend and retract on the fly for long slogs up and down hills. I don’t even need to take my gloves off to adjust the height!

Coomba 114 Skins Skin


Nothing like earning your turns! These K2 Skins give my skis the perfect tread to ascend the steepest terrain. The Pre-Cut climbing skins go right on my K2 Remedy’s so I can quickly grip and glide up the mountain to the untracked mountain pow.

Smith I/O ChromaPop Goggle with Bonus Lens - Women's


And of course to round out this combo, the I/O fit seamlessly with the Allure Helmet.

K2 Remedy 112 Ski - Women's


Meet two of my other best friends in the entire world. We explore the mountains together every single day. They never stand me up or leave me hanging, they are always down to jump off anything in sight, flip upside down, dive deep down in the powder, and carve massive arcs on the groomers. They go backwards and forwards, spin and dance. We do everything together and have the best time imaginable. I can't imagine my life without them.

Women's Leñas Stretch Ski Pants


I used to be the baggy clothes, punk looking skier on the hill but now that I'm growing up (or so they say), I have found I prefer the slimmer stretch pant look. To be brutally honest, these pants make my skier booty look good and still allow plenty of movement for hardcore shredding. They are super lightweight and stretchy for optimal movement!

Stoke Lip and Face Balm


This is simply the most delicious lip balm out there. I’m constantly outside braving harsh weather conditions and my skin takes a toll. Thankfully this Stoked Good stick protects and moisturizes my skin. I take this stuff everywhere with me!

K2 Minaret 100 Ski Boot - Women's


These are my everyday shoe. Great for hiking, walking, sending, shredding, brapping, driving, shopping, dancing - they really do it all! Dynamite comparable and the handy walk mode make them super diverse. Happy feet are fast feet!

Women's Movement Leggings - Jacquard


These movement leggings are the coolest thing since snow plows!! I don't think that’s a saying but I am going to go with it. They hug your legs, tuck in your tummy and are super warm for winter activities. I wear them from the gym, to the ski hill, to the bar! They’re also perfect travel companions for long flights.

Rise and Shine Power Mix


This stuff fuels my fire! I take a bag of this energy boosting mix everywhere with me. It’s healthy and it gives back to a greater cause. I teamed up with them a few years ago because they were doing more than just selling snacks. A portion of the proceeds goes towards a nonprofit of the athlete’s choice so you’re not only eating a healthy snack but you're giving back!

Women's Crossover Fleece 1/4-Zip


This is another member of my everyday quiver. The long fit is so nice to wear under my outerwear because it’s easy to tuck into my ski pants. It also has these super functional finger covers that are really nice on cold mornings when I’m cleaning the snow off my car. You can also toss it in your gym bag and wear it over and over; the FreeDry moisture wicking and built-in odor control keeps it from getting smelly and it’s super cute. Definitely killing like 5 birds with one stone with this piece.

Tofino Bottom


I don't go on a single trip without a bathing suit. Water is my element whether it’s frozen or liquid and so naturally hot tubs are my jam. These Tofino bottoms are the cutest addition to my skier booty. The material is like butter; they hug your body and stay on in the waves!