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The Essential Gear for Vanlife and Mountain Biking in Moab

Our Favorite Gear for Vanlife and Mountain Biking - Summer 2018

Curated by Josiah Roe

The experienced vanlifer and biker knows that having the right gear for life on the road *and* constant mountain biking is crucial for survival (and maximizing fun). Here is the essential equipment we use on our van(s), bikes, and bodies, and most recently on our week of vanlife and mountain biking adventure in Moab.

Cover photo Josiah Roe

Smaller, lighter, easier to use and more powerful than other lithium batteries on the market, the EcoFlow RIVER has become *the* go-to battery (and solar charging bundle) for vanlifers. We used two in our project van in Moab and it was able to charge cell phones, lights, cameras, and multiple laptops over and over again. Use the code "OUTBOUND" at checkout for 20% off.

The Kicking Horse Kick Ass Dark Roast coffee combines everything I love about a deep, dark Spanish or Italian roast with the total lack of a burnt aftertaste and the long-shelf-life necessary for a good vanlife coffee. Its versatile, punchy, and resilient.

A blanket, a poncho, a pillow and even and impromptu yoga mat, the versatile (and surprisingly durable) Kachula Blanket does it all and *even* can work as an emergency rain poncho. It also looks awesome.

Refreshing, gluten free, and wont knock you on your ass like a heavy IPA, the Sufferfest Shakeout is a clutch beer on the trail *and* in the cooler for chilling around the campfire.

These glasses are just straight up cool. They are great for driving in the hot empty desert *and* for bombing down trails.

You have to stay pumped before and after a ride *and** when posting up at a glorious campsite, and the SOUNDBOKS 2 is the loudest portable speaker available with 40 hours of listening per battery. Goes great with the EcoFlow Bundle.

While night insanely lightweight like some of ultralight backpacking cookware, The Best Made enamelware takes a much greater beating *and* is more versatile when cooking more complicate meals for larger groups of people. And they look awesome

The Snow Peak Fireplace (and grill) in addition to being convenient and brilliantly also allows you to have an even lesser impact on our public lands by making fire rings unnecessary. It also folds down nicely for easy storage in your van.

The first 100% sustainable firelog made from 100% renewable waxes and oils (zero retro-chemicals) with recycled wood and agricultural fibers that burns 80% cleaner than wood. Need we say more?

The Yakima Frontloader is the most flexible *and* aerodynamic bike mount you can get meaning it works for all manner of overland rigs and vans. We use ours with the Rocky Mountain West Switchback rack carrier system.

For Vanagon Westfalia owners only, we love the Switchback rack carrier system by Rocky Mountain Westy due to its ease of installation *and* how easily it works with the Yakima Frontloaders.