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Some pieces of gear should never be left behind.

Curated by The Outbound Collective

Every adventure is different and requires certain clothes and gear, but in our experience, there are a few things that we never regret throwing in the back of the car before heading out. You never know what kind of unexpected detours or impromptu stops you'll make along the way. Whether we're going for long road trip or just out for a quick hike, here are some of the products we never leave home without. 

Cover photo: Jason Hatfield

If you want your body to keep up with the adventurous plans you have for your life, BUBS collagen protein supplement should be part of your nutrition regimen. In addition to making a great product, BUBS donates 10% of sales to an amazing foundation brining education and recreation to those in need. And yes, that's sales...not profit, which is pretty amazing!

This is hands down the softest sweater we've ever worn. It's perfect for cool evenings cooking around the campfire or for layering under a puffy jacket when fall turns to winter.

With retro design and modern technology, these boots will never go out of style. From short hikes in your backyard to traveling Europe by train, these boots get the job done.

Don't let the fall cold snaps keep you from enjoying the sunset outdoors. This thing is like a hug from an entire herd of warm and fuzzy sheep and will keep you warm and comfortable like no blanket you've had before.

Everyone needs one good, reliable duffel bag and Patagonia has nailed it with this one. It's super durable, roomy (and available in larger sizes), simple, and since it's Patagonia, you know it'll last a long time.

A go-to flannel is a must. With it's longer fit, this piece from Burton is especially toasty.

The best part about fall is it's that sunrise comes later, making it that much easier to shoot golden hour in the morning. Sony's a6300 is a staple for our team and we use it all the time. It's lighter and smaller than a standard DSLR but doesn't sacrifice any quality in images or video (4k!).

This new system from Mizu is perfect for filtering water on-the-go. From backcountry streams to "better safe than sorry" tap water in every corner of the world, this little sidekick could be a lifesaver.