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Some pieces of gear should never be left behind.

Curated by The Outbound Collective

Every adventure is different and requires certain clothes and gear, but in our experience, there are a few things that we never regret throwing in the back of the car before heading out. You never know what kind of unexpected detours or impromptu stops you'll make along the way. Whether we're going for long road trip or just out for a quick hike, here are some of the products we never leave home without. 

Cover photo: Jason Hatfield

We've been fans of Sawyer for a while and this series of filters and purifiers is another shining example of their high quality, minimally designed products. They're dead simple to use and can filter out chemicals, pesticides, viruses, heavy metals and more. We hope this comes in handy for a last minute adventure on the trail, but it's also a great product to keep in your car for emergencies.

Do you toss and turn whenever you're camping? Or are you a dedicated side-sleeper (fun fact: 70% of people are)? If so, the Rave is a mummy bag designed with you in mind. It's spoon shape adds extra room at the elbows and knees and it's loaded with other features like heat regulation tech and a waterproof/breathable footbox to fight condensation. You can even zip it up with your favorite tent mate to make a double bag. This three-season bag is ready for everything from backpacking to car camping to beach bonfires.

When it comes to versatility in footwear, Chaco takes the cake. No other shoe can so comfortably navigate from water to trail to camp to the city (yes, we're the ones at the coffee shop wearing Chacos with socks during the shoulder season). We're especially stoked on this particular product, though. Updated with the super soft Chaco Cloud cushioning, our favorite shoe just got even more comfortable. Guess we'll have to invest in some warmer socks for winter.

Ever tried to sleep overnight in a hammock? It may sound pretty idyllic, but few hammocks on the market can actually pull it off. The Roo Double is definitely one of them. It'll hold two and you can tell it's made from durable materials that will withstand endless overnights in the backcountry and naps in the park.

Remember the "good" (bad) old days of powering your campsite with the obnoxiously loud propane generators? That is officially a thing of the past. Not only is the EcoFlow River silent and powerful, it's also insanely lightweight, has a fantastic user interface, and is just an all around brilliant design. This bundle also comes with a 50W solar charger and a case. Use the code "OUTBOUND" at checkout for 20% off!

There are only a few things that can turn what should be an amazing experience into a pretty miserable one. Getting eaten alive by insects is certainly one of them, if not the worst of them all. This stuff goes on your gear and clothing rather than your skin, lasts for six weeks or six washes, and repels or kills insects upon contact. And don't worry, it's non-toxic and approved by the U.S. EPA.

This kit will help treat everything from a hangover to a gnarly campfire burn (or at least make them bearable until you can visit a doctor...or sweat out the night before on a big hike). The various kit sizes accommodate different trip lengths and group sizes and include bandages, instruments, medications, and treatments for the most common adventure-induced ailments.

Long days in the sun are simply part of our lives, so it’s important to protect our skin whenever we head out. Protect with style using Bare Republic’s cruelty-free mineral active sunscreen sticks.