Backcountry Snowboarding Essentials 2017

​It’s easy to leave the resort behind.

Curated by Matt Belize

More and more snowboarders and skiers are venturing into the backcountry each year. As conditions can be harsh and unpredictable in the backcountry, it is important you are properly equipped. This also includes getting as much snow and avalanche education as possible to make the safest choices and always riding with a buddy. Below are the items that I pack for a day in the backcountry.  

GLCR Hydra Jacket


I love this jacket for its fit and versatility but the best part is the body mapped Thermagraph insulation. It kept me warm when I needed it but also was plenty breathable on warm days or splitboard missions. I really put this jacket to the test, from -30F in Revelstoke, BC to 50F spring riding in the Cascades, and it kept me comfy in all conditions.

K2 Joy Driver 159


From hard pack to powder, it handles everything I can throw at it and is such a joy to ride. It's hard to find a board that can do it all yet remain playful. My friend Lucas Debari helped design this board and he rides Mt Baker... so you know it can handle almost anything.

GORE-TEX® SMARTY® 3-in-1 Weapon Pant


Great fit - not to baggy not to slim. GORE-TEX® is speaks for itself - Always warm and always dry. These pants also have a very efficient double ventilation system inside and outside the legs, keeping me cool when hiking or during the hot spring days. I even wore these pants riding the Horstman glacier in mid-summer!

K2 Snowboards Maysis Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's


I don't like wasting time with laces...the double Boa is quick and easy and is nice to relieve pressure during the times when you don't need a tight boot.

K2 Snowboards Lien AT Snowboard Binding


My favourite thing to ride is powder. This binding moves and flex with you and give's snowboarding a bit of a surfing feel especially in the deep stuff.

Airhole Polar Balaclava


I'd feel weird not wearing a balaclava out in the elements, to me the air hole is key for breathing while having your face covered and the cashmere naturally stays drier longer.

Smith I/O7 ChromaPop Goggles with Bonus lens


Weather and light can change pretty drastically in the mountains. It's nice to be able to swap your goggle lenses on the fly. Smith has a nice range of lenses and are easy to change after the light changes on you, or after a vicious rag doll resulting in snow caked lenses...

MIZU V8 Water Bottle


The cold sometimes make it seem like you don't need to drink water but you still get dehydrated! Drinking plenty of water keeps my energy levels up. I like the MIZU Stainless steal ones they're tough and stylish.

Atlas Endeavor Snowshoe


These come in very handy when we get to a point where the snowmobile is deemed useless, like in tight trees. But I mostly use these to pack down jumps and step downs. they save me so much time which means more snowboarding!

Folding Saw


Snowmobiling can get me in some sticky situations (pun intended). This $15 saw has got me out of some hard situations. They're cheap, tough and compact and is well worth the investment.

Kind Snack Bars


I like snacking out there more than eating a full meal. these nut bars are perfect. I really like the dark chocolate Nuts & sea salt ones. (Case of 12 bars)

Lumix GH4


I love capturing my day out. The GH4 is a good size and has really good video capabilities. I like that it takes micro 4:3 lenses because they're generally smaller and lighter.

Tracker3 Avalanche Transceiver


While in the backcountry I'm constantly hiking, digging, building and getting radical. The Tracker 3 is nice and compact making the most comfortable avalanche beacon I've ever had.

K2 Sentinel Pack


There's a lot to bring during a day in the backcountry. This pack is 22L which I feel is a great size. I can fit everything that is essential and keeps the bulk to a minimum.



I do a lot of snowmobiling to access remote parts of the mountains, lot's can go wrong with my equipment or my machine so bringing tools is essential. the Toolbelt is the easiest way to do that, I don't even have to think about it, I just know that I have it with me.