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If you can I'd suggest the best time to go is April/May/September on a weekday while school is still in session. It can get a bit busier on weekends. These months depending on the weather are still nice and you can go in the water around the falls. The hike to the bottom of the falls is very easy - about .6 miles. The hike to the top starts a little bit before the hike into the falls but it overlooks Idaho and is gorgeous. There are a lot of rock formations that once you're up there it is almost like you're in a different place entirely. Great location for a half day hike bring a lunch and you're good to go!


This Idaho State Park is the site of North America's highest single structured sand dune. With an approximate 470 foot incline you might need to take a breather. Hiking in the sand is no easy feat especially with sand getting everywhere. Not a terribly long struggle if you stick with it. Would suggest going in the morning to beat the afternoon heat. I camped around here in late August early September and it was great, not too crowded on a weekend. If you get a chance visit the observatory there too they do tours and it can be pretty cool. That part was a bit more crowded.

Must See

Very popular destination. If you are in the area or just driving by it is just one of those sites you have to see. You can hike as much as you want or stay on the ground of the falls. It is very easy to get to the bridge and the top.


I went on the best day ever. There was a class of photographers there so it was a little crowded but it had a great overhang. I went right before sunset and it turned a little overcast and started to drizzle. Cleared a lot of people out but we stayed and it was worth it. Sun came back out and there was a rainbow right above the falls with amazing light. Didn't get a chance to hike underneath the falls or go behind it but the view from above is just incredible.


Great area to have lunch, shop and take photos. Very touristy but an incredible view of the lighthouse.

Great View

You can make this a very short hike by literally pulling up to the Falls and walking 1 min to see it and photograph it but there are hiking trails in the state park if you want to make an excursion out of it. The view is great - I went in the winter and noticed an interesting smell though from the water.