Katie YarboroughExplorer

Swimming hole fav!

This is always a treat to go for swimming during the summer. Love the view of the powerful flow of the water during rains too!

Long but worth it

My friends ended up staying at the waterfall and setting up hammocks. I kept trekking on to finish and see the overlook. Worth it! It's a beautiful overlook and not as busy as I expected it to be.

Nice waterfall hangout spot

Went during the summer and loved the quiet spot with only a handful of other people there swimming and sun bathing on the large flat rocks. It was a little tricky getting down the rock scramble, but worth it.


One of my favorite places to watch the sunrise. Especially with the inverted clouds. It's a gorgeous spot and so easy to get to.

Rains make this a much more enjoyable hike

Made the mistake to hike this once during the dryer summer season. There wasn't any water flowing, and Virgin Falls was only a dribble of water coming over the edge. I definitely will say that has a factor in when you should hike this trail. It is beautiful! Well worth the longer route and camping is peaceful at their locations designated. Go after rains to see the powerful waterfalls :)


Such a beautiful easy hiking spot. I have enjoyed hiking these trails to these waterfalls numerous times throughout the seasons. Always a treat with so many waterfalls and the creek that runs through it.

So many cool things about these trails

South Cumberland is one of my favorites places for hiking. So many waterfalls on this trail and cool spots to hangout at. It's been my top place in Tennessee to take people to day hike or an overnight hike.

Wonderful spot for all kinds of hiking

One of my favorite places is this park. I enjoy this one weekdays, when it's less crowded. By far the best park in the area for hiking and with all the waterfalls near Greeter! I've hiked the creek further down at the base of Greeter, and it's just as beautiful. Fun place to hangout for picnics!

Weekdays are easier

This place is quite the treat for a swimming hole and a cool waterfall. I definitely have loved going there and make a point to go during the weekdays right after work. Way less crowded during those times. Totally worth it!


One of my favorite go-to for a day hiking spot. Always a sweet spot for an easy hike with a treat of a view with that waterfall. I definitely make a point to go early to beat any crowds in the summertime. Worth it.


One of my favorite easy go-to for a quick sunrise spot. So peaceful and easy to do. I also love to take friends to hangout for a sunset spot and then stop in town at the square at that awesome pizza joint. Solid hiking spot!

Beautiful and popular

I love stopping by here, when I need some time outdoors. There's so much to see and so close to the city! I only suggest going on a weekday and not the weekend. It is so popular that the parking is almost as bad as being in the city. Weekdays are so much easier and much less crowded.