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Beautiful hike

Beautiful, easy hike to do early in the morning before people start hiking on it!

Easy spot

Easy spot for a quick couple of photos!


This place can get busy during the day, I recommend going there for a sunrise when everyone is pretty much sleeping and the area is still so quiet. It is a beautiful spot, its just so terrible that the glacier is receding so quickly.

Classic Van island waterfall

This waterfall is easy to get to with lots of view points to look at the falls. It is beautiful in any season (but I do prefer winter personally). Go early in the day to beat the bigger crowds!

Beautiful waterfall

This is a great place to stretch your legs on highway 99. The only lame part is that it can get pretty crowded and when you are trying to take a picture of the falls people tend to get in the way. And don't hike or scramble down to the bottom of the waterfall because that doesn't follow LNT principles and you are crawling under/over a fence.

Close and not too crazy busy

Went here in July and basically spent half a day swimming in the cold as heck lake, and then lounging/napping in hammocks. Definitely a beauty spot, with easy access. Highly recommend!

Neatest lake

Easy hike, go there early in the morning at sunrise or around sunset , that way you won't have as big of crowds. The lake is a beautiful colour the area is amazing. Another one of those spots where you need to go see this place in real life. Went here July 2017, but honestly anytime of the year is awesome, even winter.


I went here in July of 2017 for sunrise and it was amazing. A fair amount of people there in the morning but nothing too crazy. It is one of those places that no matter how many photos you see of it, nothing compares to the real deal.

neat spot

Neat spot to swim but now the gate is permanently closed, and its also trespassing if you go here so I don't recommend it.

Great hike!

A great quick hike in the Prince George area, in the winter and summer months.

Cool spot!

A bit expensive but a very cool place! Try to go in the off season and on a rainy day that way there will be significantly a lot less people in the park!

Great hike

This hike is a great hike to do. I went when the waterfall was going nuts! Couldn't even take a picture because the spray was too intense. Walking through the amazing moss covered forest is pretty great too... so many great spots to set up a hammock and nap.

Cool bridge

This bridge is neat, minus the 1 zillion people that seem to always be standing on it!


This place is unreal in the winter. My friend and I went in February and it was awesome, and definitely not crowded. Highly recommend!!

Sunsets can are awesome on the ferry

Sunsets can be pretty great on the ferry, the only not so great part is having to pay for the ferry! haha

Just Beautiful

This spot had been on my bucket list for a while to check out and a couple of weeks ago I finally did. It is utterly stunning and rugged. I love northern Vancouver Island.

Peaceful and Beautiful place

It is likely if you head out here to camp or to just check out the waterfall you will be the only one in a very large area... especially during the week. To be able to fall asleep to the rush of the waterfall and to photograph such a perfect waterfall is pretty awesome.

Powerful waterfall

An easy trek up to this waterfall. Even in the middle of summer you can feel its cool mist on your face. Strathcona Provincial park is full of amazing waterfalls and mountains.

The Views!

The views in this park are amazing. A must see for sure.

Cool spot

Little Mtn is a pretty neat spot to chill for an evening and watch the sunset. Set up your hammock among the arbutus trees and just chill.

West Coast <3

This beach is stellar and a such an amazing spot for a sunset

i love this waterfall

this cool waterfall looks as if its descending into an abyss and you can go right up close to it but be super careful

great short hike

short wheelchair friendly hike in beautiful alpine meadows

neat place

This place is sweet, easy and short to get to!