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Backpack to Vogelsang and Merced Lake High Sierra Camps

Yosemite / Lyell Canyon Trailhead

If you love the idea of backpacking to remote mountain destinations, but shudder at the thought of carrying a heavy pack and digging a hole to poop in, the High Sierra Camps are a great option.

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Snowshoe to Dewey Point, Yosemite NP

Yosemite / Dewey Point

Take the one-hour shuttle ride from the Yosemite Lodge to the Yosemite Ski Area, so that you don't have to worry about driving in the snowy conditions, or finding parking.

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Hike the Dreaded Hill Loop in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park

Orange County / Dreaded Hill Loop Parking Lot

One of the great things about Whiting Ranch is the trail system branches off and reconnects in several places, so you can make your adventure as long or as short as you like.

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Photographing Moraine Lake

Canada / Moraine Lake

Situated just under nine miles from the Village of Lake Louise, Moraine Lake sits at 6,183 ft in what is known as the Valley of Ten Peaks.

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Explore the Pirate Tower at Victoria Beach

Orange County / Victoria Beach

Walk along stunning tide pools and explore the famous "Pirate Tower" at Victoria Beach.

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Hike Tahquitz Peak

San Diego / Humber Park

From Los Angeles, take I-10 and exit for Highway 243 south. Follow the signs for the 243 and you'll take the highway up to Idyllwild.

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