Explore Hache Island

Hache Island, commonly known as “H” Island because of it’s shape, is only accessible through a tour with Tres Marias based in Ushuaia.

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Hike to Laguna Esmeralda

Laguna Esmeralda is one of the easier lagunas to hike to if you have a car because the trail head and parking are right on Route 3 just outside Ushuaia.  Fortunately we had a car.

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Hike the Terrace Pond North - South Loop

From Warwick Road, parking at the northernmost road side parking area, cross the road, and the Terrace Pond North trail (marked with blue blazes) begins as a steady climb until you gain a ridge that .

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Hike the Overcliff - Undercliff Road Loop

From the West Trapps parking lot ($15 for hikers), walk to the end of the parking lot and past a large kiosk.  The trail connects the parking lot to the Overcliff Road/Undercliff Road junction.

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Hike to Sky Top via the Undercliff Road

Starting from the East Trapps parking area ascend the East Trapps connector trail marked with yellow blazes.

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Hike the Cascada Rio Pipo Trail

From the parking area, walk through a make-shift barrier with the river on your right hand side.  The start of the trail looks as part of a dirt road, this is the correct way.

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Hike to Laguna del Caminante via the Andorra Valley

From the parking area, pass through a gate and hike up the trail which is lined with fields of Buttercup flowers. This lasts for about 0.5 miles when you gradually enter the forest.

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Hike to Piedra Del Fraile

The trailhead to Piedra Del Fraile is on the right side of Ruta 23 just before the road crosses Rio Electrico.  There is signage a few yards into the trail that initially is easy to find.

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Hike to Laguna Torre

This is one of the more popular hikes in El Chalten.  There are two trailheads with the main one being on the west side of town at the end of Avenida Charito.

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Hike the Hank's Pond Loop

Hank's Pond loop can be accessed from the south at the corner of Clinton road and Van Orden road or from the north, parking at the lot on Stephens road.  I hiked from the south on this trip.

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Hike the Upper El Chorillo del Salto Waterfalls

The parking area is about 1 mile from the Laguna de los Tres trailhead to Fitzroy.  Follow the dirt road to the right.

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Visit Karen Long Neck Village

During my tour to Chiang Rai and north tea plantations, my guide also took me to a Karen Long Neck village.  This, for the most part is a tourist attraction/trap and set up strictly for tourists.

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Photograph Wat Rong Khun - The White Temple

Wat Rong Khun is better known as "The White Temple" and is one of the most recognizable temples in the world.

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Explore Skidoo Road

Skidoo Road is the first dirt road on the left you encounter when driving Emigrant Canyon Road.  The road is suitable for any car until you reach an old mine on the right atop a hill.

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Photograph Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is the most-visited and most-photographed slot canyon in the American Southwest. It is located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona, and requires you to book a tour guide.

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Hike Wall Street in Bryce Canyon

Hoodoos? What's that you say? Hoodoos are these amazing rock formations that Bryce Canyon is famous for. This hike is hands down the best way to see the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon.

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Hike the Nature Trail in Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP

This state park is not heavily visited and for a makes a great day trip from Zion National Park or Kanab, UT. Expect endless beautiful pink dunes and Utah's red rocks as your backdrop.

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Hike The Narrows: Top Down

THE NARROWS This by far one of the most scenic and awesome hikes available in any National Park.

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Explore Rhyolite Ghost Town

Just outside of Death Valley National Park, Rhyolite is 35 miles from the Furnace Creek Visitor Center on the way to Beatty, Nevada. Rhyolite Ghost Town is a result of the gold rush in Nevada.

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Drive into a Rainbow: Titus Canyon

Get ready to drive through the center of a rainbow. Titus canyon road winds 27 gorgeous miles through the Death Valley backcountry, twisting sharply around steep rock walls and over small passes.

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Photograph Panamint Valley from Father Crowley Overlook

Father Crowley Overlook is an easily missed overlook on the western edge of Death Valley National Park off State Highway 190 overlooking Panamint Valley.

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Hike to Lower Darwin Falls

Lower Darwin Falls is an approximate 4 mile out and back hike in Death Valley National Park. You can reach the trailhead from highway 190.

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Hike Natural Bridge Canyon

Natural Bridge Canyon is one of the few canyons in Death Valley with an official trailhead that can be easily accessed from the parking lot.

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Drive Aguereberry Point Road

This was one of the more enjoyable drives I did in the park.

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