Jean-Claude Linossi

I am retired and I have always liked the great outdoors. I have been hiking most of my adult life. I like to take pictures of beautiful landscapes and plants.

Explore Historic Beaufort

Drive the Trail of the Mountain Spirits Scenic Byway

93 mi

Walk the Healing Waters Trail

Hike to Massacre Peak

2 mi / 700 ft gain

Hike the Baylor Pass West Trail

6.3 mi / 1548 ft gain

Hike the Sierra Vista Trail

29 mi / 500 ft gain

Explore Fort Stanton Historic Site

Hike the Hydra Trail in City of Rocks State Park

3.2 mi / 162 ft gain

Hike the Tom Mays Trail

2.6 mi / 502 ft gain

Hike the Granola Bowl Loop Trail

0.7 mi / 170 ft gain

Hike the Ranger Peak and Directissimo Trails

2.6 mi / 1230 ft gain

Hike the Vertigo Ridge Trail

1.1 mi / 265 ft gain

Hike Mundy's Gap Trail

3.9 mi / 1004 ft gain

Hike the Lazy Cow Trail

6.8 mi / 406 ft gain

Hike the Lower and Upper Foothills Trails

8 mi / 500 ft gain

Hike the Maze-Cardiac Hill trail

5 mi / 639 ft gain

Hike the Rabbit Ear Plateau.

6 mi / 3000 ft gain

Hike up Alamo Mountain

4 mi / 1500 ft gain

Drive the Scenic Lighthouse Route in Nova Scotia

Hike the Salado Canyon Trail

3.4 mi / 307 ft gain

Explore Lake James State Park

Hike Alamo Canyon Loop Trail

-6.6 mi / 1205 ft gain

Hike the Hueco Tanks Nature Trail

1.5 mi

Hike Oliver Lee State Park Dog Canyon

0.7 mi / 101 ft gain