Backpack the Great Sand Dunes

Few places can match the epic scale of this bizarre wilderness in southern Colorado.

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Hike High Dune at Great Sand Dunes National Park

The Great Sand Dunes are one the most unique landscapes in Colorado. These massive dunes are the tallest sand dunes in North America.

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Hike Chief Mountain, CO

Sitting at 11,709’, Chief Mountain is not one of Colorado’s highest peaks, but the views from this mountain are spectacular nonetheless and rival the views of any 14er I’ve climbed.

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Hike the Sawmill to Maverick Loop

For this adventure, you'll be completing the Sawmill to Maverick loop. It is a short, but gentle trail that will take you through open meadows, to pine forests, and great views of Denver and Golden.

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Hike the Red Rocks Trail

While this is a 6 mile hike, it is relatively easy to add mileage to it and tailor it to fit your needs.

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Explore Red Rocks Park in Winter

Red Rocks is a bustling park in the summer when its famous amphitheater is filled with concerts. In winter though, the park dies down and becomes even more quiet when snow is falling.

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Hike or Bike Matthews/Winters Park

Matthews/Winters Park, which is part of the Jefferson County Open Space system, is proof that you do not have to go far from the city to enjoy the mountains.

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Hike Dinosaur Ridge

The hiking trail starts at the parking lot located across from the Dinosaur Ridge Discovery center (which you should totally go check out!).

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Hike Mount Falcon

Just a short drive from Denver up US-285 sits Mount Falcon Park, a 2,248 acre open space park managed by Jefferson County.

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Hike to Three Sisters

The short 1.2 mile long trail, is a family-friendly, dog-friendly trail near Evergreen. The parking lot is incredibly easy to find and there is great signage to make sure you're going the right way.

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Hike South Table Mountain

Want to see a rainbow? Possibly some coyotes or other Colorado wildlife? This hike is full of twists and turns, mostly involving the trail, but also in surprises along the way.

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Hike Mounts Democrat, Lincoln, Cameron and Bross

Find your way to the Kite Lake trailhead near Alma, Colorado.

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Hike by Lizard Lake to Crystal Mill

Although the iconic Crystal Mill is the main attraction on this hike, the river that leads you there through the magnificent mountains of the White River National Forest is nothing short of extraordi.

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Explore the Maroon Bells & Snowmass Wilderness

The beautiful and iconic Maroon Bells-Snowmass wilderness is home to some of the most amazing scenery and adventures to be had in all of Colorado.

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Hike to Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake is a beautifully unique natural wonder.

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Hike at Kenosha Pass

The Colorado Trail ( is 500 miles long and stretches from Denver to Durango. Perhaps the most-traveled portion of the Colorado Trail is at Kenosha Pass.

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Hiking James Peak (13,294')

James Peak is one of 76 13,000'+ peaks in Colorado's front range. On your way up to the peak you will pass St. Mary's Glacier.

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Backpack Alpine Terrain to Haynach Lakes

Begin at the Milner Pass Trailhead off of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. Commonly used to summit Mount Ida, this trailhead is often popular with summer hikers.

181 Saves

Backpack to Odessa Lake via Fern Lake Trailhead

Odessa Lake seems to be one of the true hidden gems of Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Backpack to Mirror and Crater Lakes

Start at the Monarch Lake trailhead (where there is a $5 parking fee unless you have one of the national lands passes) and follow the cascade creek trail around the north side of the lake.

971 Saves

Backpack to Lion and Snowbank Lakes

Starting at the Wild Basin trailhead, hike to Siskin campground. This takes 3.2 miles of rocky, semi-steep trail (permit required). Set up camp at Siskin campground for the night.

150 Saves

Backpack to Red Deer Lake, CO

This is an excellent place to take your family backpacking. It is a fairly easy trail and definitely a great one for kids.

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Backpack to Caribou Lake

This is one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done in Colorado.

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Backpack to the 3 Crater Lakes

After turning on to Co. 16 (Tolland Rd.) from 119 at Rollinsville, drive about 8 miles down the dirt road along South Boulder Creek.

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